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  1. i've often wondereed why we can't be shown the amount of saves a goalkeeper makes during a game? saves don't seem to be mentioned anywhere? also, i think a "player confidence bar" would be a good addition, or if it's already in there maybe a bit more visible. it could be added in the "form" section, all i'm suggesting is a bar a bit like the "confidence" section.. for example, fabregas at the moment would have his bar completely full, as he is playing excellently and is full of confidence at the moment. stevie gerrard was going through a bad patch a few weeks ago, so his would have been low, but after his recent goals this have shot up quite a bit so it could be linked to form, and it just gives you an idea of the player's state of mind, something else to consider when picking your best team, as confidence is a HUGE factor in football
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