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  1. hi, i have tried to load up a new game 5 times in the past hour and eveytime i load the game there is no transfer budget have i done something?
  2. Why are we being told that it would run as same as fm12.... Fm13 is so much slower i have a new pc but it is just taking ages to process. Poor form all round
  3. knap please could you put a new clasic 4231 wide up please link is broken
  4. littleblue to be honest your a legend the new format is pretty amazing ive had no problems what so ever! and to think you do this for free well i for 1 think nexts years one should be a fiver at least!
  5. mr hough why bother THE ME IS ****ED might aswell get bk on fm10 much better ha
  6. mr hough ive used all your tactics and normally have great sucess with them! until now this tactic seems very poor and ive a feeling its nothing to do with you but its the ME on fm11!!! this game sucks and i will not be buying the next one i think they have messed a really good game up!!!
  7. young i dont behlive youve lost 20 out of 20 come on dude that is impossibe even with the worst tactic you would win a game ha! this tactic is very good although you do need to look at the op to see what players you require!
  8. ive tried it loads of times and it dont seem to work!!! is it like fmrte it heals the whole team??? im sure it dosnt work
  9. it would be a good idea like the heal button if it worked
  10. knap your 4321 tactic is the best tactic out at the minute!! are you a spurs fan by anychance because the tactic is setup perfectly for vdv and defoe haha
  11. tbh its the best 1 ive used knap but i concede alot of corners and certain strickers do run right through my defence
  12. knap is there any way u could mack the bak four on the 4231 tactic stronger? scores loads but concedes **** loads im tottenham bty defiualt squad with eto chers
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