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  1. Ok, I've holidayed two 1st seasons (08/09) in Italy using the 442 with my own set-pieces. season a - W30, D7, L1, F68, A12, PTS97 season b - W30, D6, L2, F80, A19, PTS96 Both very good indeed Knap. With the 4132 (reduced width) I've only holidayed 1 season so far. W28, D9, L1, F66, A15, PTS93 So it's not performing as well as the 442! In the league at least. Here's the kicker though - In both the 442 saves, only 1 of the 6 available cups (It. S. Cup, Co. Italia, E. Ch. Leag.) was won. With the 4132, all 3 were won; and in my personal save with Inter I ended season 2 with the 4132, beating Real, Juventus and Bayern in the ECC, losing in the final to Arsenal 2-3 - however prior to that game we'd played 7 games in 15 days! I really need to run another season of the 4132. At the moment though I'd say it's conceding less goals, which is having an affect in European competitions that the 442 doesn't seem to share. One formation it's struggling against is the 4,1(DMC), 2, 2(wingers),1. So at the moment my personal opinion would be to go with the 442 in Britain, maybe changing to the 4132 in Europe. And 4132 if it suits your continental league (you really need to check what other teams are playing), changing to 442 against the above 41221. Then it all depends on your own team/players too! I'm just sharing my findings. Any thoughts Knap??
  2. I'm still testing with simple tweaks to the 4132, and the best one so far seems to be reducing the width a few clicks to the middle. It does reduce goals, but not results/points. The upshot of this is better results in european competition. I'm using my own set-pieces too, because I'm never happy playing a save that has corners being targeted in the 6 yard box, and I don't like the default throw-in set-up. EDIT: that should read - it reduces goals, both for and against.
  3. G14 disbanded in February of this year. The Milan team was a bit lightweight on Thursday. Emerson? - I'd forgotten all about him LOL.
  4. Yeah, that's what I was meaning - I think it's a raw deal for a small club to enter into, generally. x42bn6 Good reasoning mate, it's just I can't be bothered LOL maybe I should take it more seriously!
  5. Beneamata

    Bayern munich in debt, Why?

    I just had a look at Bayern, in season 2. They're still quoted as rich, with the debt still showing. And they haven't listed or sold anyone. Not trying to flame you mate - just trying to help Strange one indeed.
  6. Beneamata


    I think the problem lies with the 'smaller' clubs and leagues themselves, rather the establishment. These leagues have their own associations, which means the clubs are not members of the SFA/SFL and therefore cannot participate in pro/rel to their leagues. And obviously these associations don't want to just cease to exist any more, they want to survive - hence the status quo. There has been some intigration in cup competitions recently though. And believe it or not, there is a 'kind' of prom/rel tool already in place in the 3rd division. If a team finishes bottom for 3 years running they have their full membership suspended, and the members will vote on their fate after another 2 years?!? A bit quirky to say the least.
  7. It is something I like to stay clear of, if I'm the smaller club. And if I'm a bigger, financial heavyweight, why not just buy him outright. And I don't buy co-owned players - can't be bothered with the hassle. Just a personal thing I guess. Another rule, I don't think's been mentioned - if you have a co-owned player you can't loan him out, or loan one in for that matter. just another reason to stay clear.
  8. Anybody been playing Kerlon?? If you have in what role and how is he doing? A bit off-topic, but there's been the first managerial change at a big club in my Inter save. Van Gaal has taken over at Lazio in the February of season 2. He started with a goalless draw away to Juve
  9. Yes, more or less. I played the 442 as my default, dragging back the MCd against the 4231 (Roma for example) only. I just went with 442 against other sides playing with someone behind the striker/s. The results were favourable. But yesterday I realised just how many sides in Italy play that way instead of with a 442. So that got me wondering about the 4132 as a default - but in Italy or other suitable leagues only! Knap has already shown it's not a worthwhile default formation in England. My advice would be check the managers in your league. If more prefer a 442, default with the same, changing to 4132 as necessary. If more play with link forwards in the hole, default with 4132, MAYBE changing to 442 as necessary - I'm still giving that one some thought. EDIT: Looking back, whilst playing 442 I lost to Roma and drew with Palermo, who both play 4231. That got me thinking and the next times I plaed them I temporarily used 4132. We beat Roma 3-0 and 1-0, and beat Palermo 3-0.
  10. I just didn't get any point to your exmple. Before posting vitriol please research what you're opinionating on. I guess there's lots of clubs with stupid names then. Meanwhile outside of kindergarden....... Yes I do. And that's where I'll leave it my friend. Chill..........
  11. A little update regarding this formation people. I originally intended it to counter a 4231 in Italy - purely to complement Knaps excellent 442, which didn't seem to be handling it too well. Looking at results, it was only against teams playing the 4231 that I struggled. So by merely retreating the MCd to a DMC position it was helping me a lot. That's why Knap tested the 4132 here, to see if there was any mileage in it as a standalone formation. The results with Chelsea are quite good. However, for those of you playing outside Britain (or a British football styled country) I think there is more to this shape. The 442 does remarkably well in England. The reason it does so, IMHO, is that in the first season (when tactics are holiday tested) 13 Premiership managers also play 442; in addition, only 3 play with a link player behind the striker/s, and the same number play with 3 forwards (I'm counting a forward as a SC, FC, or AMC). So there's not much pressure being applied between the lines of the 442. If you contrast this with Italy it's a different story. Only 2 managers play with a 442! 14 play with 3 forwards, 10 of which are as a link player. This is what I was coming up against, and where the trouble I was getting originated. The extra player was really opening the 442 up. So I ran 2 short tests with Knaps 442 107pt tactic. These ran for half a season, 19 league games, so i know there is room for 'noise' to influence the findings; but all I was looking for was an indication. The 442 performed well, as I'd expect. played 19 position 2nd won 15 drew 2 lost 2 for 32 against 10 points 47 We topped the ECC group too, winning 5 and drawing 1; 14 goals for and 6 against. Here's the crunch though - we lost the super cup to Roma (who play 4231), and drew with them in the league; lost to Atalanta (who play 4411) in the league; drew with Marseille (who play 442 diamond) in the ECC. Noticing a pattern? That's 4 games including a trophy. In fact, the only points dropped against teams playing 442 were away to Juventus and Lecce; I could live with those if it wasn't for the other 4. So I thought I'd try the 4132 (Knaps 442 with the MCd repositioned) as a default formation, being sure that it'd perform better against these more continental shapes I was coming up against. As you can see it's quite convincing. Two of the games drawn were away to Lazio and Siena before the army of injured players (mostly defenders) at the start of the game recovered. The other one being away to Milan. In Europe it's more good news. We acquired the same record and points as before but in a tougher group - PSV, Bordeaux and Atletico Madrid; 5 wins, the draw coming away to PSV. Goals for 11, goals against 1. All-in-all a considerable difference for me. Let me add that this in no way detracts from Knaps tactics - THEY ARE THE CORE. Knap has told me that his tactics have been tested across countries and performed well and I have no reason to doubt this at all! Maybe, though, people playing on the continent are coming up against the same problem I was - a surprisingly large number of teams playing continental shapes, compared to the English premiership. I've certainly noticed a couple playing in France; maybe those people should check just how the other teams play - if there's a player (or more) behind the striker/s, you may need to adapt. But Knaps ideas are sound and if they're not working for your team you should only need to tweak them a bit.
  12. So, because a club/s has cheated nobody has to be a winner? What was the point of the other 19 (or 18, or 17, or whatever) clubs participating? Eh?? You don't know your Inter history but that's not a big problem. Have you never wondered why they're called Internazionale?
  13. @Roofrack Could you maybe take this to the 4-4-2 thread mate, it'd save possible confusion over formations. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=70621 BTW congratulations on your results! Good form in Europe too - keep it up.