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  1. Read these, seems similar to my current team but I'm not focused on the aggression part. The work rate, team work in particular seem to be a big bonus in some positions, my dmc (DLP) for example is by far my worst player, his technical and physical are all around the 11/12 mark bar stamina but he has exceptionally high work rate, team work, decisions and determination. One of my most consistent performers and one of the first names on the team sheet I've changed systems a few times in this save and the teams always been over performing but I guess the attributes I mentioned are pretty key so having the majority of the squad with high stats and at least a minimum is going to have that kind of effect. I'd probably try something akin to the Ginga attributes in my next game, it seems like a fun way to build a squad. Strength/height physical one sounds like an okay one too. I tried to sign a team of pacey players in my lower league Portuguese touch save but it never really took off, it could be another one to revisit I'm not sure the tactics were quite right but having a team were the majority can break (and recover to a lesser extent) at pace seems like an interesting squad build
  2. I've been managing Aberdeen and when building the team I started out only wanting players with a minimum ratings of around 12 in determination, workrate and teamwork, later adding technic and first touch My team regularly over performs against much better opposition and during an earlier season when my squad in its infancy I'd notice poorer displays when I had great young first team center mid signings playing together who didn't fit the det/wr/tw criteria, which results in me only playing one at a time I read @westy8chimp's ginga thread about building around another set of attributes and wondering if anyone else does the same or any other stats you could possibly build a team around for a future save
  3. too much, haha no sorry I don't recall off the top of my head. I want to say it was 40million give or take but can't be sure. I did get naming rights for 16mil over 10 years. At the end of the day I will still be heavily in debt based on financial projection screen 3 years after completion (still projected to be - double figures) Will be relying on CL money as EL money is only helping to slow the hemorrhaging *edit* get your players & staff tied down to long term term deals while (if) you still can
  4. I had a search and couldn't find anything recent directly querying this Although I've played for years I only find myself asking this question now, perhaps as a result of other topics (such as ignoring the green or lack of green on player circles in tactics screen). I'd like to find out peoples views on these two figures: - What do you take them to mean? - To what extent does it affect your selections/subs? I've always perceived condition as an indication, rightly or wrongly, of a players stamina. If a player is around 70% during a game I deem that they will be struggling with the pace, could be a liability and look to replace them if possible. For starting a game I'm begrudged to allow a player below 95% to start. While playing systems that put players under high workload condition deteriorates quicker/more which would seem to fall in line with my understanding but surely the match fitness figure should be the real governing factor to players ability to preform over 90minutes If I relate it to real life, if I was 100% match fit I'll make the 90minutes and tire in line with my natural stamina, if I was 70% match fit I'll start underperforming sooner in the match and run out of gas before it's done. My condition would go down during the game but I wouldn't feel this until after, tightness potential little niggles TL;DR Is condition related to performance over 90minutes or (more) related to potential wear and tear on the players body
  5. It's a disgrace moving to a 29,000 seater from 25,000ish. Missed Europe last season which didn't help but need to make sure I get to the CL groups for next year or I'm going to end up losing players due to growing wage demands. I already had to give staff ridiculous year wages rises to stop them all leaving as I couldn't afford their basic pay ;/
  6. I don't normally go the root of advising players to sack agents but this is good to know thanks
  7. I'm playing a save in Scotland at the minute with Aberdeen A few good seasons in the EL have steadily boosted the leagues coef to the point we get one guaranteed CL spot and potentially another through qualifying rounds, potentially for 6 (out of 12 teams, lolzy) could make CL/EL This does have an effect on club rep too I have been steadily moving up the club ranks, I can't say I've noticed if this has made me more attractive to players though due to the fact most wont speak to me at the minute due to the board plunging us into financial meltdown by unnecessarily building a new stadium I'll try to remember to look up the league rep and check it's progression next time I load it up *edit* I think I'm only in season 4 or 5 for reference
  8. Viva la revolution On the up building with youth, hopefully you can keep the form up
  9. I posted about this too, though mine has never been that high. It's in the pits right now despite giving kids from the youth intake fairly substantial game time, in my opinion I'd love to know how it's actually measured but I don't think whatever the formula is works as intended or is fit for purpose. I'd be interested to hear from someone who has this as a philosophy and constantly has it fairly high to see what they're doing in case it's just a bug for some
  10. In my Aberdeen save I reached the second knock out round in EL in my second or third season helping move Scotland up the list, I failed to make Europe the next season but thanks to that success it has opened up a second cl qualifying spot and a group stage entry for EL for third place The Scottish coef's are so bad that one good year really boosts them, in the next three seasons I'm losing coef's of 8/9 so a few decent runs by Celtic myself and Rangers should pump this up even more. I image it should end up similarly for yourself all being well!
  11. I don't know for certain, but it seems logical to assume as much High (global) rep manager with high dressing room support vs low (global) rep player with high dressing room influence would lead to it being less of an issue On the flip side, like you mention, I guess this would more likely create some rifts or players getting unhappy
  12. I had a similar concern with Aberdeen, I've loaned 2/3 I wanted rid of out. They weren't at the very top of the hierarchy but still had a lot of influence, no ill effects so far, one of them also had talks with me about wanting first team football and I told him he could leave no problems here. I have max dressing room support and since it's so easy to be friends with all your players I am. I play with max rep so all that may help override or offset any potential dressing room upset
  13. I bought this tab, it arrived yesterday but the game will not work It is listed here http://www.footballmanager.com/news/football-manager-touch-2018-compatibility-list but crashes after the FM Touch splash screen I have complete reinstalled three times, reinstalled from the apk, completely reinstalled from the play store. Restarted the device and reinstalled, cleared cache, stopped any unnecessary apps in the background. This a new tablet with nothing else on it Please advise if this is indeed compatible with the game as listed and if so what other reason can there be for it not working as I need to try and get a refund on the tablet if this wont work
  14. Bought the asus iconia tab 8 a1 840fhd and the game crashes to home page after initial splash screen Its listed on the website as compatible Have cleared local data and reinstalled twice, nothing else in tab it's new running latest android
  15. They were all from my youth intakes, in the season after it's now dropped to 15% despite them continuing to get games
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