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  1. couldnt find a thread, but is anyone concerned about the amount of goals that come from right hand side crosses? I was reading about creating tactics and a guy said most of his goals were coming from the right I play 4 3 3 (narrow 3 cm's 3 fc/st) and a serious amount of my goals are coming from right hand side crosses, albeit I have my right back on 'wb/attack' Whats the consensus, expolioty or just chance
  2. Taking a break from FM

    i read more than post on hear and respect biggusd's posts, but at the end of the day it is still worked out on forumla, i dont have any programing knowledge so i cant comment on how that could be improved, but i think they do a good job what worries my is the last paragraph there this worries me
  3. Taking a break from FM

    okay you kind of completely missed my point, but if looking for alternatives, premier manager is still availble on pc. Its always been acarady, also theres plenety of android/ios stuff you could try, not to mention the old cm games that are no available to legally download for free so yes theres plenty of choice, not to mention if your just in it for fun you can use the editor to boost finances or just pick a big team. Hey if you dont like that idea you can try picking a big club in a smaller league (france, dutch, portugal) and while the league should be easy you have the challenge or europe
  4. Taking a break from FM

    People need to remember that this is meant to be a "sim" the options need to be there for an indepth style of play as it is meant to simulate a football manager, who funny enough doesn't just click buttons Obviously its not real life and not as time consuming and success can be found without going to indepth in a number of cases, but in general you cant complain about this There are alternatives, if your no good at racing games(or dont find them fun) you don't go buy forza or gran turismo (unless you like playing with loads of assists) you buy need for speed and ridge racer etc etc, so if you dont find it fun, dont play it and then complain you dont like it because its doing what its meant to do as a sim The OP has found its not for him and rightly has no complaints that its a sim and is moving on with things rather than having a moan that is completely untought out also as mentioned, they did include challenge mode and classic mode for those who dont wish to be so invloved
  5. Regen Brother

    sweet, not noticed this myself. I have had regens of the same name etc in the past but theyve never had the fav personel (always checked) Herbert Fandel, stop hijacking the op's thread, if forum rules have been broken im sure the mods will take action, if you want to discuss general chauvanist/sexist/racist undercurrent through general football related chatter, im sure you can make your own thread regarding this and not sidetrack others
  6. Craziest AI result you've seen?

    not specific results but first season everton got relegated qpr finished 5th man utd won the cl the last one maybe not so much but i wouldnt really be expecting to see us win the cl this year, but the other two made me chuckle
  7. Bit of a cash flow problem

    yeah looks like this is the only way i can see it happening, going to be a while before we're a european super power ><
  8. Bit of a cash flow problem

    Well atleast its sticking to the truth haha due to good performances last season elias, anderson and dzagoev are all worth over 10mil each but i dont know how i would be able to compete at the minute without them! have to shop around this year see if i can get someone in on a free and offload one, keep me floating until some kids get through
  9. Bit of a cash flow problem

    a good challenge hehe, i was thinking it sounds like a real pain in the a**!! yeah ive plenty of leagues running, anyone who could go and prob one or two i shoulda held onto for depth have been shipped off to their new homes across europe!
  10. Don't know if anyone is in a similar situation and has any suggestions I took over sporting cp at the start of the game this is how they looked -2-3mil in the black, 8million in debt is the projection -no cl money due to finishing 4th last year -a serious amount of useless talent, sorry its not talent, players on a serious amount of money, likes of bojinov, capel, jeffren, theres a good few others on over 20k/week and in general an overpaid, pretty big squad Pre season I cant offload a lot of these players as theyre either on loan or the last regiem just wasted money signing them pregame. I sold what i couldnt, brought in a couple of free's and bought anderson from man utd End of year -I finish 2nd, winning both domestic cups and crashing out of the europa league at 2nd round knock outs, no prize money as it pretty much went on bonuses in the domestic side of things -im 17million in debt or so projected to be 40 or 50 by the end of the projection - signed dzagoev on a free my problem is here - i have offloaded all the high wage junk that has no place in the squad - offloaded any earners near 2k/week in the b squad - released any useless staff - released most of the useless youth - sold or released a few squad players from last season and loaned 3-4 players out -signed a r/lb so i could sell my covering rb and lb This has left me 14-15 million in debt (third parties stole most of my transfer fees) with a projection to finish about 24 million in debt i cant trim the squad anymore, an injury to defender or striker would leave me very bare, two injuries or a suspension would be disasterous, if my keeper gets busted, im screwed, my average wage is prob just udner 20k/week for hmm about 18-19 players maybe? a lot of these are kids that started with the team so aren't even on what they should be No idea what to do next, im still forecast to lose 7 million or so this season and i assume that takes into account cl tv moeny and all that, say i even qualify for the knock outs and even get to the last 16 and make an extra what say 4-5million, ill still be at a loss Any ideas haha >< oh all figures in £ save your remarks about spelling, grammar, i care little for you trolls
  11. hmm this concerns me a bit also im managing sporting and jeffren told me he wanted to be listed, he has no place in my team so i obliged him, a club comes in offers for him and he demands 19k a week to move for the remainder of his contract, bearing in mind he's on 21k a week and he wants to leave!? Seriously confused obviously i didnt pay it
  12. Anyone managed to buy Messi?

    rubbish 2. this can change during a save 3. in theory this could also change if he started to be mismanaged/treated badly (unrealistic i know but, not impossible!)
  13. just tap him up and get him on a pre contract ive yet to notice any way over priced players, but then i havent had a chacne to get really far into yet but ive managed to snap up a few 16-17yos for bargin bin prices
  14. agree, very annoying as i'm a serial checker upper (im open to a better term for this?) on my youth games to get a quick glance at how players are doing on the plus side though, my game is moving along a bit quicker now that i'm not doing this because of the loading lol