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  1. So, managing in Spain, I'm picking some of my B to be available for the U19, but even doing this, they are never picked for the U19. Has anyone encountered this? 2nd question is, if I pick B team players for the A team, is there a certain amount of matches they play for the A team that will prevent them from playing for the B team?
  2. Hello, Playin FM 20 on mac (Catalina 10.15.3) and for some reason can't change the view to windowed, the option just stop appearing. Attached a screenshot.
  3. Either i'm missing something, or I don't know. Why don't I see the "contract type" section when re-negotiating contracts with players from my squad? Don't see the section since i've started with 2020.
  4. Hello all. As a long time player of the game (since around 94') and as who grew up to be involved in professional football myself, I have some thoughts on the tactic module in FM. As some might know from various articles, Pep Guardiola divides the field into 20 "boxes" according to which he gives comments and teaches his players the game of positions (Juego de Posición) he developed. It goes like this: 6 boxes to the right, 6 boxes to the left, 3 boxes in the middle of the field close to the opponent's goal and 3 identical boxes in the defensive part. In addition, of course the 16m boxes. That's how it actually looks: http://outsideoftheboot.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/image13.png Every player has to know where he stands, where he goes, how he does it and at what stage in the game- there are four situations: Attack Switching from attack to defense Switching from defense to attack Defense All in co-ordination and thought of what other team mates do at the same moment and the amount of space. Jose Mourinho also went into great detail with his players when it comes to defense. Mourinho, like other Portuguese coaches, believes in Tactical Periodization. The aim of the tactical method of the Tactical Periodization is ti know how to to react - tactically, technically, physically and psychologically - automatically to every moment in football. The best individual, according to this method is the one who makes the best decision according to the scenarios presented by the game. Each training for action comes with a tactical dimension and preparation for dealing with a specific opponent. Before each game, the players are prepared according to the following scenarios: Defensive Organisation The Transition from Defence to Attack Offensive Organisation The Transition from Attack to Defence For each such specific scenario, he also prepares an individual player to deal with the opponent in front of him. Now, you might think, why is he bothering us with all of this re-cycled material about the footballs world great :/ I imagine that many of the football heads and people on here are quite aware of all of this. The reason I am bringing this up here, is due to the fact that is that although FM is really growing each year and adding various aspects to the game, I feel the tactical part is still quite "Arcade" like. I would love to see much more in depth touch with the organisation of your team towards matches and the ability to really be able to control players positioning and actions, according on various game situations. Yes, you do have a lot of control in FM. But for me, it is quite generic. To define your teams defensive line is nice, but can you really decide when it should stay up, when one of them should press up, whether you would like your defenders to be narrower in their position when marking or go wider to the wingers. Going into attack, more specific patterns, like a winger coming to receive the ball from the defense line, while the defensive midfielder goes to the left side and the left full back is already flying up the pitch. These are just a couple of specific examples and there could be hundreds more. The main point is, that I would love to see more "Real Life" controls over tactics. Preparing to matches, the option to prepared for various games situations, what to do in different situations and so on. Yes, I know this could be exhausting for some people, so I do think different modules of the tactics concept can be in the game. I.e. if some decide to play as it is now, it will stay down to general instructions and player roles. However, for those who really like to go in depth, something more extensive can be made available. Thoughts?
  5. Ordered for 37$. Ordered from them in the last 2 years as well, always were reliable.
  6. Morning, I had an idea creating a DB with a team with young talented players. When I say talented, I don't mean their CA/PA on FM, but they performance this season. I have searched players aged 19 or younger with 10-15 appearances in the league or more this season. In addition, I tried leaving the huge stars and the all well known FM future stars out, to keep this a little interesting, and trying to take the younger ones. So, I and came up with the following selections (of course there are more, but these are the more interesting and talented ones): GK Nicola Leali Stefanos Kapino or Alphonse Areola Defense Bjorn Engels Aymeric Laporte Jonathan Tah David Costas Niklas Sule Benjamin Mendy John Stones Chancel Mbemba Mangulu John Souttar Declan John Jorrit Hendrix Nicola Murru Midfield Youri Tielemans Ryan Gauld Karlo Lulic Max Meyer Adrien Rabiot Tony Vilhena Mario Pasalic Louis Schaub Rodrigo de Paul Kyle Ebecilio Morgan Sanson Yassine Ayoub Sergi Samper Forwards Richairo Zivkovic Zakaria Bakkali Santi Mina Dorin Rotariu Stipe Perica Jean Marie Dongou Divock Origi Ángel Correa Jean Evrard Kouassi Héctor Villalba I know some of them might not be great on the game, so your suggestions on how to fine tune this, while still keeping it interesting, are welcome In addition, could anyone assist creating this DB and placing the team in the Premier League?
  7. Well, just finished the 2nd season, and I won the title! Last game was actually away to Chelsea, for the championship, after losing 0:2 at home to WBA the previous game. A draw would have been enough, and I did it! 1:1 with Chelsea equalizing on the 92 minute. I dropped back my 2 MC to DM for this match and played counter. the main reason I posted here, was because I had a good tactic which I felt did not perform as well as in the beginning. I am still not sure whether this purely because of instructions/tactic building, or also maybe because I have a young team (Ward-Prowse, Shaw, Clyne, Will Hughes, Barbosa who I brought back from loan for the 2nd part of the season, Ter Stegen). Here are some screenshots: Final league table- http://i40.tinypic.com/2mpkeiv.png Fixtures: 1- http://i42.tinypic.com/m980vc.png 2- http://i44.tinypic.com/10e0a6q.png you can see the difrrence between the 1st and 2nd part of the season. Selection view of my squad- http://i40.tinypic.com/s263b7.png In the end, it finished positively with the title. But still, I felt in consistent in most matches. If not the great start/1st part of the season, I would have finished 3-4 at best.
  8. Those are some good advice. I used to play both CD on defend, and will try this again. Wanyama used to be BWM, but than I changed him to CM (D). Will BWM & BBM (S) will not go together well? Regarding the full backs, if you advice for them, and specially the right one to go further up, this means the IF duty should change? Most important- regarding philosophy, teams instructions & specialist roles- how does that work?
  9. You are correct regarding the team not pushing up. I see now the push higher up instruction in not marked. it used to be, probably un-marked it by mistake. One other question I have and I've seen on other threads is regarding amount of team/player instructions. how much is too much team instructions? If I play rigid, I guess 7-8 team instructions are fine. What about player instructions? not specifically for my team and formation, but just in general.
  10. Although I am having a good 2nd season with Southampton, and still leading the league 28 games in, I feel that the team is not playing well, and from a 9-12 point margin at the top, it became 1. This is the formation I am using, and you also see the team instructions on the side: http://i43.tinypic.com/fv9vkl.png I play rigid with a standard mentality. I feel the team is a little vulnerable at the back, with deep balls findins players a lot behind the centre backs\full backs. Creating chances has also suddenly became a problem. Any advice?
  11. Playing this game for 20 years, and yet sometimes you miss out on the most trivial things! Thanks for pointing this out.
  12. Trying to sign new coaches, and the board allows 9. Looking at my staff list, there are no 9 coaches there! prior to this list, I mutually terminated contract with the U18 & U21 coaches, to see if it decreases the number, but it did not: What is wrong here? am I missing something?
  13. What does that mean exactly? and how is it different assigning a scout there than to just a region?
  14. Sorry for bumping this up, but now with the full version out, when I access the "Downloads" in game, and tried to access Steam Workshop, the game becomes un-responsive. Any suggestions?
  15. For everyone else looking, what he means is this: Under my Games tab in GMG, I see FM14 with the following listed under "key" XXXXX-T3VDT-XXXXX XXXXX-06P2M-XXXXX To get the full game I need to go to Steam, activate a game and enter ONLY XXXXX-06P2M-XXXXX.
  16. For me it also still on 14.1.1 Also bought from GMG. Tried re-launching the game and steam a few times, but it does not update to 14.1.2. In addition, the online options are grayed out. *UPDATE* Solved. was not aware there was a 2nd key on GmG.
  17. One of the things I feel is really lacking in FM 13 & previous versions is board / fans/ media appreciation for loyalty. You can take a poor club, make it great, reject 25 job offers from clubs such as Chelsea, PSG, Juventus, Arsenal and so on, and still get no media coverage on this and no acknowledgment within your club. Will this be something that improves in FM 14?
  18. Just pre ordered from GMG for 37$ with the discount code. I got it from them last year as well. Been playing this game since 95. I was 11 & am 29 today with 2 kids today. Still remember my 1st save with Rangers with Kanchelskis & Gascoigne. This is still the only game I ever paid for. I know ot has nothing to do with this discussion, but this is sti what comes to mind when pre-ordering. Just hope I can keep this addiction balanced again next year ...
  19. Sorry for bumping this, but does anyone from SI has an idea? I can't enter any matches, unless they are mine.
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