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  1. So, managing in Spain, I'm picking some of my B to be available for the U19, but even doing this, they are never picked for the U19. Has anyone encountered this? 2nd question is, if I pick B team players for the A team, is there a certain amount of matches they play for the A team that will prevent them from playing for the B team?
  2. Either i'm missing something, or I don't know. Why don't I see the "contract type" section when re-negotiating contracts with players from my squad? Don't see the section since i've started with 2020.
  3. Well, just finished the 2nd season, and I won the title! Last game was actually away to Chelsea, for the championship, after losing 0:2 at home to WBA the previous game. A draw would have been enough, and I did it! 1:1 with Chelsea equalizing on the 92 minute. I dropped back my 2 MC to DM for this match and played counter. the main reason I posted here, was because I had a good tactic which I felt did not perform as well as in the beginning. I am still not sure whether this purely because of instructions/tactic building, or also maybe because I have a young team (Ward-Prowse, Shaw, Clyne, W
  4. Those are some good advice. I used to play both CD on defend, and will try this again. Wanyama used to be BWM, but than I changed him to CM (D). Will BWM & BBM (S) will not go together well? Regarding the full backs, if you advice for them, and specially the right one to go further up, this means the IF duty should change? Most important- regarding philosophy, teams instructions & specialist roles- how does that work?
  5. You are correct regarding the team not pushing up. I see now the push higher up instruction in not marked. it used to be, probably un-marked it by mistake. One other question I have and I've seen on other threads is regarding amount of team/player instructions. how much is too much team instructions? If I play rigid, I guess 7-8 team instructions are fine. What about player instructions? not specifically for my team and formation, but just in general.
  6. Although I am having a good 2nd season with Southampton, and still leading the league 28 games in, I feel that the team is not playing well, and from a 9-12 point margin at the top, it became 1. This is the formation I am using, and you also see the team instructions on the side: http://i43.tinypic.com/fv9vkl.png I play rigid with a standard mentality. I feel the team is a little vulnerable at the back, with deep balls findins players a lot behind the centre backs\full backs. Creating chances has also suddenly became a problem. Any advice?
  7. First off Tyler, great tatctics. I'm using Piranha for the 3rd straight season with my Beyern team (I'm in the 2015/2016 season), and its going great. A few questions: 1) Should I use Prianha home and Eagle away? 2) Should I implement a target man in the team instructions, even though it's not included? 3) I understand AMR/L's can play in right/left sided MC position, but can ST's play at AMR/L position?
  8. Poor Mexicans: The Swedes didn't have it much better:
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