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  1. put up a few screenshots of the tactic and how you did
  2. Fm 2007

    best bet is just to pm him and ask
  3. give dave time whats the point of releasing it if its not as good as he would like
  4. advanced playmaker works 4 me
  5. id say the mods will move it when they see it
  6. fm 2009 help

    cheers downloading it now
  7. hi after getting fed up with 2011 being too slow on my comp i decided to go back to 2009 after i install it and enter the keycode it says it cant connect to the internet even tho my internet is working perfect can anyone help me?
  8. looks very good how did you do in other competions?
  9. it could be because your match preparation is on very high it happened to me
  10. ya he looks class this year did you get his stamina up any?
  11. dave how has paddy mc court done for you?