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  1. Just a quick question, when buying players do you go off of your own personal opinion on the players stats, or do you mainly go off of your scouts report? The reason I ask is that I'm stuck on deciding which winger to buy between Di Maria, and Alexis Sanchez. To me, Angel Di Maria's stats are far superior to Sanchez's, however my scout ony recommends that Di Maria would be a "fairly good" signing, whilst Sanchez would be a "good" signing. So what do you do? Go off of your own opinion, or your scouts opinion? Cheers
  2. I'm just wondering what people do in regards to signing players? When I'm filtering players out in a search, I put in the stats I feel are required for the position I'm looking to recruit in, and often players I look at and think look good, my scouts rate as only "decent" players or maybe even "last resort" when I'm looking at them thinking they look good. So what I'm saying is, do you rely heavily on your scouts opinion when signing players, or do you form you own opinion on the player? Cheers alot!