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  1. 1. I'd like the international scene to be better, it seems very boring to me thats why i never would be an international manager on fm 2. Improve player conversations 3. The kits should change each year just like in real life 4. The manager dot of course 5. Should be able to send your players away to a camp or holiday in pre season just like ion total club manager lol, improve morale 6. Should beable to create your own set pieces in training and then use them in the matches 7. You should have an interview before taking a job on 8. I agree with the first two suggestions on the first post
  2. When you going to watch Man united v Spurs in 1 hour and all you can think about is getting back home from the pub to play some fm
  3. I think they should have more team talk options in there next patch !! or atleast in fm12, team talks am so boring its the one thing i'd like the most out of everything
  4. Join Date 2nd September 2008 Location Walsall Posts 88 Default Has The Editor Changed ? Sorry if i have posted this in the wrong place Basically last week when i went onto my FMRTE to make a few transfers i could just go onto the player and transfer him to the club he should be playing for, but as of the last few days i can only swap players, for example if i want mascerano on barcalona ill have to give liverpool one of barca's players anyone else noticed this? or am doing something wrong or have i missed something, i have looked all over the editor thought to try and find out how to just transfer the one player but it seems all i can do is swap now
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