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  1. I do intend to be active, but I've started working full time and there have been loads of new games that I've bought recently on other platforms, with loads more to come. There's just not enough time for everything
  2. Rimmer is really looking good at this stage, and a few of those others are looking decent too. It'll be interesting to see how good Sompittayankurak will get.
  3. Ha, sounds like you have things pretty well sorted then! Nice one Manchester United 2014-15 Youth Intake YP1 - Yago April 2014 A great set of attributes to be a top striker for years I reckon. Great potential as well, and 16 determination is useful. Will definitely be following this guy. YP2 - Steve Crosby April 2014 Another promising striker with very high potential and good determination. Definitely needs work on his dribbling and first touch. Will be interesting to see how good he actually can be. YP3 - Marlon April 2014 The second Brazilian from this intake to have decent potential. Nowhere near the talent of Yago, but 3* is potentially decent so I'll see how he does over the next couple of years. Needs to improve defensively, and some of those mental attributes are just too poor.
  4. Just destroyed Chelsea 5-1 at OT to put myself 5 points clear at the top of the table (season one) with 6 games to go. Van Persie has been brilliant this season, and Januzaj has really kicked on in performance levels lately. Got a potential star through the academy as well - http://i.imgur.com/TduBxdG.png
  5. Man, you're committed to getting those youngsters some football. I can never bring myself to do that! Rimmer certainly looks like he could be a star with that potential, nice one.
  6. Name: Niklas Sule Age: 19 Nationality: German Club: Hoffenheim Position: DC Value: £6.5m Sale Value: - Estimated up to £11.25m according to my scout Work Permit Needed?: No I haven't had any experience with him, but he's really caught my eye playing for Hoffenheim. He's got an average rating of 7.61 from 18 games, and his strength (18) and pace (17) make him an attractive prospect.
  7. Herrera has been good for me, either as a CM (s) or as a DLP (s). In December of the first season now, Shaw is being tipped for the best young player award, he's been fantastic so far! Other than that, I'm second behind Spurs who have only lost once (3-1 against us). They've been ridiculously good, hopefully they have a blip soon. In other news, Rodgers and Pochettino have both been sacked, and Wenger could well join them soon! Has anyone had any success in developing any of the youngsters already at the club? Obviously it's early days, but would be interesting to see if any of the young players have decent potential.
  8. Don't much fancy him as a winger with crossing of 2! But with that pace and dribbling, he could be a good poacher. What's his potential rating?
  9. Hopefully I can get more into FM this year, really struggled to get anywhere last year. Youth development is the best aspect of the game to me, so it'll be nice to see how others are doing. L'Estrange looks decent, 20 determination is great straight out of the academy!
  10. As Cougar said, I'd guess it has to do with contract length, especially considering most lower league contracts are shorter. Have you got them on longer term contracts?
  11. I had a really interesting season not long ago, I was Man Utd and Liverpool really struggled. They had a wafer thin squad that was completely ravaged by injuries, more than I've ever seen before on Football Manager. They barely had 18 players available for a good few months of the season, with many key figures out, and players frequently played with below 85% condition. Once players got back, they consolidated a mid-table finish, but they'd been battling relegation for the majority of the season. I really wanted them to go down... http://i.imgur.com/Vi4UKba.png http://i.imgur.com/abRWIla.png Their results, in case anyone wanted to see. They really turned it round, ended up finishing tenth.
  12. Gradually made my way through this thread, I do so love a good Dafuge career. Congratulations, that World Cup win is ridiculous! I wish I was as good at this game as you are! Such a shame about Roberts though
  13. Ah, Guichard, always a solid player up until about League Two. Looks even better this year, I swear.
  14. Some nice progress there, they have some decent looking physical attributes already, particularly pace and acceleration.
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