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  1. Hey guys I installed one of the face megapacks but i think by presse 'clear skin cache' or another button when installing it i removed my own profile pic, is there a way of adding one to my existing manager?
  2. Hey guys im at January of my second season with Inter having made Ganso my first signing when I started a new game and cannot for the life of me get him to play half decent let alone well Name: Ganso Position: AMC Role: Trequartista (Though i've tried all other roles for amc other than advanced playmaker with the same bad results) Duty: Attack Other additional instructions: None Club: Inter Milan Club's formation: 4-1-2-1-2 What do you want from your player: Good performances and to chip in with goals & assists Also I know theres already a Neymar in this thread but could you guys also help me with him in my formation? Just signed him in the past Summer to partner Leandro Damiao whose set to poacher and cant get Neymar to score or play well, hes scored 3 times in 15 games and 2 of those were penalties... Name: Neymar Position: Striker Role: Advanced Forward Duty: Attack Other additional instructions: None Club: Inter Milan Club's formation: 4-1-2-1-2 What do you want from your player: Lots of goals, and some assists
  3. Set your scouts to scout areas in the world for player 21 or younger if your looking for regens, and you can also use the search options but I find that kinda defeats the purpose of scouting.
  4. Hey guys will deleting the "inc" files allow the German and Japanese national teams to be playable in a save file which was started prior to them being deleted?
  5. hey wally13 thanks for the reply, its not the first time its updated but if the patch isnt out yet then it makes sense its still on 12.1.1
  6. hey guys steam has updated my game but when I start it still says 12.1.1 and I have no January updates, does anybody know what the problem could be?
  7. hey guys thanks fm is up and working:) but when i start a new game it says start version 12.0.0., since steam updates itself shouldn't it say 12.0.3.? or does the version number on the start new game stay the same until the next major patch ie 12.1.0.
  8. hi guys just bought fm12 online and asked the shop to send me the activation number so i could play it right away, but since its the disked version i ordered not digital how can i install the game before the actually disc arrives?
  9. if you click on the fm button near the top right of the screen one of the options is to print screen, or yu could use the print screen button on your keyboard and bring it into paint or another program and save it
  10. Hey guys, does anyone know what role I should set fabregas to at central midfield to have him scoring and assisting like last season?
  11. To me pretty much all the player stats look exactly the same as last years...
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