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  1. Have the players been "cleansed" or whatever it's called, so you can sell players that were bought in 2013?
  2. It's just a general observation. I have yet to experience a MOM that hasn't prouced an assist or goal, that seems very unrealistic to me.
  3. In general I like a lot of the new features, for example the ability to see the highlighted stats relevant for the different roles. Small changes I know, but they definately improve the overall gameplay. However, there is one thing I had hoped would have been fixed for this years game and that is the players match ratings, which I believe is seriously flawed. I'm not a regular on this forum, but I definately remember it being raised as a major issue for FM12. It just seems so undermining of the realism of the game that a player can have a very average game and then score a lucky goal from a corner and then be MOM. IMO assist and goals matters way too much, when a player's match rating is calculated. I think passing accuracy, key passes, interceptions, tackles won etc. should be taken much more into account. The way it is now, means that defensive midfielders gets significantly lower match ratings than other players.
  4. I have a few suggestions that I think could improve the tactical aspect of the game. Corner set pieces. I would like it to be possible to create a number of attacking corners. As it is now you only have two options (left or right). I like the idea of the new set pieces designer, but I find it too simplistic as I think you should be able to create several different corner combinations. You should also be able to control the players starting position and then draw a line to where you want him to run to and where you want the corner taker to aim at. In the build up for the forthcoming match you should then be able to choose which combinations you would like to see used. Defensive positioning As it is now you can only choose how high you want you defensive line and how wide you want your team to play, but my understanding of this is, that it’s when you are in posession. I remember some old CM games where you could control the ball on the tactical drawing board and then instruct exactly how you would like your players to be defensively positioned. I think it would be very good to have this feature back in the game. Build up play I think it should be possible to create a more complex build up play. As it is now, you can choose to play from short to more direct, but I would like to be able to instruct my teams build up play more in depth. Ie be able to say to my DCL to switch it for my right wing or instruct my full back to never play a ball to my DCM and instead look either for the winger in front of him or to my deeplying forward.
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