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  1. A word of warning to managers of Super Kyle Wilson - Before contract extension: 13 appearances, 7.51 average rating, 14 goals, 5 Man of the Match awards After contract extension: 9 appearances, 6.76 average rating, 5 goals, 1 Man of the Match award 230 pounds a week must buy a lot of liquor and donuts... BTW I still suck at this, seven games left in the '11/'12 season with Carshalton and we are in 7th, one place worse than last season, with a far better squad on paper. Bleh. Losing interest in this challenge in particular and FM10 in general.
  2. Good job on promotion DanGLiverpool. Paul Honey is pretty much crap but I'm keeping him around for a while after he scored the winner, from 25 yards out, in extra time, in a downpour. Can't beat moments like that
  3. Carshalton - 2010/11 - 7th in Blue Square South League Table We were just out of the promotion places most of the season, then won three in a row to sit in 5th on the last morning of the season - needing only a home win over Farnborough to qualify. We played 11-on-10 for over an hour and still couldn't put the ball in the net. It's just as well, I have a lifetime record of something like 1-for-18 in promotion playoffs. The squad The fellow at the bottom there, Roy Essandoh, was the focus of my early-season attempt at using a target-man tactic. This mercifully ended when I realized my poaching forward was getting more header attempts than Roy was. Have I mentioned I'm awful at tactics? The transfers 10 goals in 16 starts is certainly promising from Super Kyle. Late-season signing Billy Bingham is rumored to have League 2 potential. Hopefully the sulk he went into within days of arriving in Carshalton will not survive the summer. Overall a reasonable first season... my only real hope at completing this thing is for the AI squads to degrade via mismanagement over time to the extent that even I can beat them, so you should all be rooting for my failure
  4. Carshalton early-December update: + The game has stopped crashing (after turning off all 3D but the pitch itself). + The board actually sees the benefit of parent clubs! Got QPR. - However, the 0-8 loss to Watford in the FA Cup First Round did put a damper on things. Currently 9th (I think) after an ugly start... and have just signed my very own Super Kyle Wilson.
  5. Carshalton status update: Crashed in the middle of my third friendly, reloaded the autosave, crashed in the middle of my second friendly. At this rate I might make league football by the time FM11 comes out
  6. I'm shockingly bad at all forms of FM but will give this a try. Long live the new manager of Carshalton Athletic.
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