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  1. I've got some players in my team who should count as trained in nation but when I do the CL squad, they never count. Players are:- Conor Masterton Neil Farrugia Derrick Williams
  2. I'm playing a game with AFC Wimbledon in league 1, second season in. First season I did pretty well, finished a couple of points outside the play off, got "over achiever" of the season (predicted was around 19th I think), so you would think my club reputation improved a bit. However - I'm struggling to loan players this season. Last season a lot of players rejected me, but the club accepted. Most players I can't even go for now as the club "Would prefer X to play with higher quality players". As is in lower leagues with players being on short contracts, I let most of my squad go at the end of the season (Currently have around 15 players) and planned to rebuild the squad. So my question is - has me letting loads of my players leave caused my "squad quality" to go down so clubs won't let their players come here, or should this only be tied to club reputation?
  3. My friends have tried it and have said processing time has reduced from 30~ to a few seconds. Further reading elsewhere points to it simply being the speedhack CheatEngine, so it forces your CPU to process threads quicker. So in effect it does work, but has potential for Malware.
  4. Apparently it works really well. Not sure exactly how. http://www.footballmanagerblog.org/2016/01/insanely-speed-up-football-manager-2016.html
  5. But a DoF does basically nothing, his responsibilities in terms of signing people can be given to other people. So you could get a DoF with bad attributes but good personality/formation. Alternatively, getting a u18 manager seems much easier since people willing to come as a DoF is quite limited for personality/formations.
  6. Thanks Thomit, would imagine it is the same! I wonder if finding any old garbage attributed DoF/ HoYD with preferable formation & personality would beat having one with good attributes, for the sole purpose of passing on the form/personality.
  7. Just checked it out and its the very bottom responsibility, "brings youths players to the club, and informs you of there development". Gives me the option of u18 manager, DOF or HoYD. Same question remains tho, does anything other than personality (and coaching style but that isn't important) influence anything in regards to the regen.
  8. On my network game I noticed during the new regen batch that the DOF personality traits had rubbed off on some of the regens. I have never had a DOF in the 9/10 years of my single player game so I'm going to sign one, but has anyone researched these effects, and know what attributes contribute to it more if any? I'm using the below as a personality guide, but the staff with better personalities have low stats such as CA/PA, which to be honest he wont be signing anyone so I don't care about it if it doesn't affect anything to do with regen stat influence. http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/players/player-personalities I'm hoping perhaps "working with youngsters" being high, or determination etc will contribute more to my regen batch than CA/PA.
  9. Thanks Neil, I've excluded fm.exe and Steam.exe. It has massively improved but not completely stopped it. I think it may be doing something else to interfere, but its so rare that its barely noticeable anymore.
  10. I get random freezing. It isn't constant or anything, but happens enough to be annoying. I can be in my squad screen, in a match, anywhere and it happens. Usually happens in 2 or 3 bursts that last around 3-5 seconds each, with about a second or 2 in between. Id say I get them at least every 15-20 minutes. I cant click anything, the mouse cursor wont change while its happening. It's happened for at least 3 years, (FM14 /15/16) maybe longer I cant recall. I thought this was an issue with my laptop since it was aging, was a lower end i5, 4GB ram, no SSD, and some poor graphics card. But I've since built a PC with an i7-4790k at 4.00GHZ, GTX 970, Sandisk Ultra II SSD's, 16GB ram.. over £1200 of kit, I play fallout 4 on ultra with 130 FPS. I've checked my temps, CPU utilization, memory utilization, there is nothing happening on my PC to cause this from what I can see.
  11. I play 3-5 player Network games and everyone of us uses 2D extended/comp depending on game, occasionally 3D replays.
  12. Is it just me or is this just a fancy new screen for the exact same options (bar "routine 1,2,3" etc)
  13. It was great back in the day when that did actually happen.
  14. There are generally certain tactics on each FM that works very well and others that don't. This has ranged from setting up corners for a CB to get 15+ goals a season, to having fast strikers, to most recently on FM15, having good inside forwards. You can never really have a plan of how you want to play and pull it off, you have to adapt to what works in the game, which is a much smaller spectrum. Morale plays a huge part in it too, it can be the difference between finishing top 4 with an average team or getting relegated. Keeping morale up is critical to any team. And FYI, FIFA is mostly based on an algorithm to decide who wins, something EA set up years ago to sell more FUT packs. Skill doesn't play a big part.
  15. I usually play a 3 player network game (FM16 it will be 5 player) but only ever have the 6 big football countries, maybe 15 leagues, but as I've built a new PC I thought about playing this time around with many leagues turned on. Other than performance, which doesn't appear to be an issue for me as far as I can tell (with 31 countries, 66 leagues, 101k players I just went on holiday and it took 10-15 minutes to get from 1st July to mid September) is there any other downsides to playing with a lot of leagues on?
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