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  1. One LLM-ish thing that seems better to me is that scouting is harder now if you don't have show all attributes selected. I can only afford two scouts and they don't know the attributes of every single 4th-tier player in the country, which is nice. Nor can they find out all of a player's attributes in one day. And yeah the crossing is insanely overpowered, hopefully that gets fixed.
  2. Saving Game

    The two things I would check are if you have permissions to save things in that folder and whether you have enough space on that drive.
  3. Steam Link/Controller

    You used a lot of shortcuts for the different screens, which is probably a good use of all the extra buttons. I might tweak which buttons go to which screens for my personal config, but it'll probably end up being kind of the same. And I was having a hard time using the triggers set to full pull for the mouse clicks. I would mouse over something and go to pull it and the mouse would move so I kept missing. I set mine so you barely have to pull it at all to click. I'm definitely going to keep experimenting with it all to see what works.
  4. Steam Link/Controller

    I got my Link and Controller combo yesterday, so I spent a while messing around with it with FM16 and got it working pretty well. First thing I did was change the UI zoom to 125%, because otherwise the text is way too small to read on a television. With it zoomed in, it's not too bad IMO. I didn't really like the default controller configuration that SI made. The buttons are assigned OK, but the mouse settings are pretty bad. Changing the sensitivity to be really low and the acceleration to be really high helped a lot. I made a config and shared it if anyone wants to try it out and improve on it.
  5. Has anyone tried FM with the new Steam Link or Steam Controller yet? Getting mine on Tuesday, seems like it might be a good fit for this kind of game as it's not too action-y.
  6. Honestly, I haven't seen keepers come off their line to grab high balls very much in this version no matter what their attributes are. Occasionally they will do the sweeper keeper thing and cut out a pass, but they won't get crosses or corners unless they're hit right at the goal.
  7. Yes, it goes away eventually. I know because I get it every year and never get an option to select the pre-season training date anymore.
  8. I've never had to pay compensation for an amateur player before. I can just sign him to a contract and he comes to my team for nothing. Is he a young player? I know the compensation for players on youth contracts is pretty steep and I don't know how that's handled on amateur teams.
  9. Might move around a bit, but for now I'm managing Opava in the Czech Second Division, trying to get the 5-3-2 to work. Finished 6th the first year and just starting the second now. Finances are a little crap but should be OK. I'll also have to try managing Orlando City at some point, as having a local team in FM is very new to me.
  10. Pitch sizes

    I get asked about pitch sizes, but it only lets me choose the biggest possible, the smallest possible and a "standard" size, which is in between. I remember you used to have short and narrow choices as well, but I never get that option anymore... And why can't I just type in numbers for it if it's a legal size? Maybe I want a normal length but a wider width.
  11. I experimented with it a while back (FM 13 or 14) and having a league as view only instead of playable didn't seem to make a big difference to game speed, so I've always just set them as playable. Not sure on your other questions.
  12. The team talks are pretty easy for me, I pretty much know what the reactions are going to be for everything so my players usually have good morale. And I can usually figure things out tactically. I don't really spend a lot of time with training or getting the absolute best staff members or things like that. And I usually try to get players to match my tactics instead of being flexible, which is probably not the best way to do it and usually ensures that my first season isn't that great since I'm still getting players that will work for whichever tactic I've decided to use.
  13. I think I had a similar situation and they didn't do anything. I didn't get an message when players got injured and it probably took them longer to recover. You can still play like that, it's just annoying to have surprise injuries when you go to select your team.
  14. Guess what formation 90% of people used when Football Manager Live was still around. Yes, it's overpowered as hell and has been for years in FM.
  15. I never have 2 good keepers, because they don't get injured enough that it's worth it and I don't like dealing with the demands for playing time. So I get one good keeper who I play and my backup is just whoever I have in my youth squad. If my first team keeper gets injured then I just play the best youth guy and panic buy/loan at the next window.