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  1. Hey @Wolf_pd where in the editor is the salary cap setting? Can't for the life of me find it.... Thanks
  2. So, this has been happening for a long time, but I don't know why. I generally have text commentary, and then replays of goals. Everything is fine, except in the last 10 mins or so, if the opposition scores, I don't get a replay. So, if I'm not 100% concentrating, we go into the 80th 1-0 up, then I don't see a replay, so assume we have won 1-0, only for the whistle to blow and we conceded in the 88th and 90+3 minutes and we beaten 1-2, with the opposition goals not shown as a replay.
  3. Yes, working with advanced rules. Thought, i think you may be right - it may be impossible.
  4. I've been playing around in the editor for a couple of hours - tested a few things, but nothing is working. Does anyone know if this is even possible? I basically created a 'superdraft' and combine and put them in July. The combine is simply copied from the MLS one and changed the location to England and the feeder league as the Vanarama (which I haven't loaded) - to match the MLS set up. In game, the Superdraft appears in the calendar, but the date just passes by with nothing happening. Any thoughts? Thanks all.
  5. A alternative version, should the first not work. 2020 V.League 4 Tier Vietnam.fmf
  6. Sorry, all 3 saves are pretty recent. I am using a editor file to manage tier 9 in England.
  7. It's not completely different, in that U18 still keep getting offered contracts and signed without my confirmation. It's just seem another issue on top in that the option to control doesn't save itself.
  8. The option seems to have been minimalized, and even when setting to 'take control' the option to 'take control' still keeps reappearing. My board have just signed a crappy Data Analyst for $1.5k a week :/
  9. Similarly, I'm set to control all staff recruitment and contracts... however, U18 staff keep getting signed without my confirmation.
  10. Hi Freddie, whatever it was, is now fixed. Seems to be working. Thanks anyway.
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