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  1. Sorry, all 3 saves are pretty recent. I am using a editor file to manage tier 9 in England.
  2. It's not completely different, in that U18 still keep getting offered contracts and signed without my confirmation. It's just seem another issue on top in that the option to control doesn't save itself.
  3. The option seems to have been minimalized, and even when setting to 'take control' the option to 'take control' still keeps reappearing. My board have just signed a crappy Data Analyst for $1.5k a week :/
  4. Similarly, I'm set to control all staff recruitment and contracts... however, U18 staff keep getting signed without my confirmation.
  5. Hi Freddie, whatever it was, is now fixed. Seems to be working. Thanks anyway.
  6. Hi guys. Just finished a new realistic database for V.League 2020. - V.League 1 - V.League 2 - V.League 3 Group A/B - V.League 4 Group A/B - National Cup - Super Cup - Updated Club facilities - boost to Vietnam Youth Rating (unrealistic) - Small CA/PA changes to selected Vietnamese players - Updated Club affiliations - Updated ACL entrants (unfortunately unable to change AFC Cup entrants) - No players transfers made - Small changes to club morale and reputation based on V.League 2019 performance. Vietnam national team not likely to include players such as Le Michel and Oseni. 2020 V.League 4 Tier Vietnam.fmf
  7. Anyone having issues adding U18 leagues to new Nation Rules. I added a new nation and selected U18 league, added U18 teams to the senior teams, but neither things appear to be working.
  8. I had this issue on FM19. Ended up having to delete the first file and re-upload
  9. Added Nation Rules for Vietnam. Everything is working fine except the U18's. I've added U18 teams to all the teams in the league, then ticked the 'First Reserve/Youth Team' league and added U18 leagues. However, individual U18 teams for each senior is not appearing, and the U18 isn't generating
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