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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGJhZqSsGuM
  2. Riise LF scoring 5-6 goals every season on my Roma save. He have some nice longshots.
  3. Creating Cups

    Im playing in Serie A, but I dont like the Italian Cup. So can I delete the Italian cup. And make a FA cup in Italia and also a League Cup in italia? If so, can some tell me how?
  4. Greatest feeling in FM

    HeHe, make me smile a longe time:) Well, my best feeling must be when i win time after time, without conseed any goals.
  5. best formation?

    4-2-3-1 fm08-fm09-fm10 ------gk------ dr--dc-dc--dl -------------- ----mc-mc---- omr-omc-oml ------fc------
  6. Steam Pre-Load

    man, steam got some nice upload. 3,5mb/s sweet;) No we need the new patch, and we god to go. thx for the heads up btw Mistico
  7. Goal Keeper Bug??

    yes, many times...
  8. Is Cut Inside Broken?

    yes.. LF on AMR and RF on AML And do not use cross..then you will se they cut inside
  9. "anti-football" tactics

    My GK try to take the ball outside the gkbox, and he got a yellow card The one and only time I have seen this
  10. How do I activate my game? I got the on my steam acount now, downloaded!