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  1. Chelsea

    http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_5535793,00.html will this be included in the game?
  2. Your Essentials.

    javi garcia
  3. Attributes - Over Rated

    of everyone in my game only amauri has 20 for finishing
  4. Excellent Parent Club

    i had the choice between Man City and United for Nottingham Forest i took Man City purely because they go wild and sign all sorts of players, so their reserve team gets packed with quality in the first season i was loaned Ched Evans, Darius Vassel and Michael Ball second season i've been given Benjani and Kelvin Etuhu, while also signing Michael Ball and Glauber on a free.
  5. I'm finding that getting the consistenty to win the league is much harder. took me 2 goeas with real madrid and 3 seasons in with man city im still finishing third. but then again winning cups and competitions feels like so much more of an achievment. I still havent had champions league success yet
  6. Sleeping giants...

    your clubs name isn't nottingham county is it? same thing to say notts forest nottingham means city notts (short for nottinghamshire) means county get it right.
  7. of fm08 after 18 seasons with forest, winning the premier league and champions league etc. i got the "pritchard arena" which was only a measly 40,000 seater and only 10,000 odd more than the city ground
  8. Manager Interaction

    when i was building my way up the premiership with forest, i managed to sign 30 year old rafael van der vaart from man u for 5.75 million purely because i was on such good terms with ferguson. VdV's influence meant that instead of finishing 10-7th like the previous 3 years, i finished fourth on 82 points, which was only two points behind the league champions arsenal and only 1 point behind both newcastle and man u. I always try to be on good terms with all managers, but these days everyones jealous of my squad and finaces and all my rival managers like roy keane(portsmouth), mark hughes(man u) and ince (arsenal) all hate me.
  9. Arsenal...

    arenal were my bogey team when hekh ten cate was in charge, they beat me in the fa cup semi final, the champions league final and took the league title from me. luckily cate resigned and Paul ince took over. he beat me a few times, mainly due to the unbeleivable squad he inherited, but since then its been all down hill for arsenal.
  10. Your Best Little Surprise Signing

    mine has to be stancu for nottingham forest in the championship the guy is a genious 35 league goals in his first season taking me to the prem followed by a consistant 30+ league goals for 7 seasons