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  1. Hi Chris, I have the game installed on both iPad and my iPhone SE. In the main I will probably use my iPad most of the time, less fiddly and easier on the eyes. I have played a couple of games on the phone and would comment as follows : - The game is quite well adapted for the SE screen and you can navigate the menus, albeit, it can be a little fiddly due to the screen size. - Watching the game in 2D is possible, but keeping up with the on-screen player names, whilst the ball is in play can be quite straining on the eyes. The text option probably is more comfortable to watch. My intention is I will use my phone for short bursts of play when I do not have access to my iPad although I am away in a week’s time for a few days and will only have my phone with me so will give it a good try out then. Hope that helps ...
  2. Managed to sort it out how to make the required sub on that particular screen - so no bug, just me being silly
  3. I agree the ball is hard to see at times. I have had to slow the action down to keep track of the ball in particular. The rest of the game seems to flow pretty well. I'm not sure about the quick sub part of the match menu as I do not seem to be able to make a substitution and end up going through tactics ... probably me, though.
  4. I downloaded this for my iPad Air 1 (32Gb) yesterday, so not had a lot of time to fully try it out. Not really noticing any lag when clicking on menus. Some of the menus are a little fiddly but that's purely the size of the overall game on the smaller screen. Overall it seems to run smoothly particularly the 3D match. Looks like SI have done an excellent job!
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