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  1. So when this happens is it a case of the highlight is not showing what has really happened, that the substitution has taken place properly and the players where really where they should have been.....or that the substitution really was taking place while the other team played on?
  2. So this has now happened twice, first time I saw it I just assumed I had imagined it lol...... So I was winning a match 1 nil..........there were 20 mins left so I thought I would change 3 players. so I make the changes and then continue the match as normal. so the highlight comes up showing 3 players running off the pitch and another 3 running on, while this is happening everton are attacking with a massive hole in my defence due to a player being changed........1-1! WTF lol
  3. FMH15 iPhone 4S - Text boxes not working?

    Doh, I looked in there but completely missed it. version 8.0.2. What happens is when starting a new game when it comes to entering the managers name they keyboard completely covers where im assuming the text box is. also when trying to search for players the text box is at the bottom of the page covering where you would choose to search for a left, right or centre positioned player. you can just about still click the option to change it though.
  4. FMH15 iPhone 4S - Text boxes not working?

    Yep im getting this too, Iphone 4s. I cant find which exact IOS im on but ive not updated to the latest firmware update.
  5. Not sure if I have seen a definite answer to this..............is there another way to get or see the articles that pop up? Can a member of SI confirm?
  6. just checked to make sure and it definitely says 29.99 http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/04/09/new-playstation-store-lego-hobbit-football-manager-classic/
  7. I was going to purchase the game via psn today. Yesterday on the sony psn site it was saying the game would be £29.99, when I went to buy the game it was £34.99 or £31.49/99 for ps+. im picking it up from argos now for 29.99 instead.
  8. Failed transfer

    I too am getting this error. I started a new game with the latest update and was offering zaha part x to Chelsea. the deal didn't happen but still says he is looking forward to joining Chelsea. while this is happening I cant offer him to other clubs so I am stuck with a player I don't want.
  9. So does that mean the Sony Vita version has been scrapped then?
  10. bug currently happening

    hey I swear I was in the bugs section when I posted this!
  11. So ive just finished the 2015-16 season and am having an issue. as international manager when I get the scout report on my next opponent when I click view report I get a report of the next club match instead.
  12. England full, italy, Germany and spain.
  13. So i offered a contract to a youngster with really good stats. I wanted to get him straight into the england squad but there is no option. looking in his profile it says Uncapped (Retired). Also just noticed his favourite person is steve burr.......who he has no connection with in the game whatever.
  14. Player retirement bug

    yes he was a grey player, the retiring news message was only a few months after i offered him the contract aswell.