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  1. I know this has probably been mentioned before but I like the idea of having birthdays in the game. For instance, we could get a message through our inbox saying it's a players birthday and he's really up for the match today and said player's morale will be superb. If we don't normally play him, we may play him and he'll pop in a birthday goal and even have in the commentary: "A birthday goal! he'll be delighted with that one!" I don't know, just a little touch of realism. I remember Lampard I think scored a goal on his recent birthday and the commentator kept bangin' on about it. I don't mean make a big fuss about having birthdays and scoring birthday goals, it would be just nice if it was just there.
  2. I've just had an idea; I'd like to see stadium stand names in the commentary. For example, 'Ameobi blasts it high into the Gallowgate!'
  3. I'm fed up of doing specific instructions at the beginning of each match on every individual opposition player, I think we should be able to save specific instructions i.e. tight marking=yes, closing down=always, tackling=easy, show onto= no specific instructions. tight marking=no, closing down=no specific instructions, tackling=hard, show onto= weaker foot. Maybe we could create a batch of them and name them accordingly, such as 'Winger' which would obviously be closing down=always, show onto=weaker foot, and maybe have them saved in a drop down menu so they're only a click away. My wrist literally does start to hurt when I'm setting them all manually. Does anyone follow me? Not sure if I am making much sense.
  4. When you dislike a player in real life simply because he wouldn't sign for you on Football Manager.
  5. Also, I like it when you begin with a new club you get a bit of background info. How about doing this with newly arrived players? Perhaps a brief description of them outlining their key attributes, and maybe even weaknesses? Also the amount of goals they've scored in their career if it's a striker, or cleansheets if goalkeeper etc. Maybe even listing their favoured clubs & personnel, and personality. Basically a brief description of their Profile, Personal, Positions, and History. I'd like to see that.
  6. I think it would be a good addition to be able to be informed of any quality players who are not on your shortlist that become available on the transfer list. Even to be able to send a scout to 'scout the transfer list' - keeping tabs on who's hot and who's not. I've just gone to the transfer list and found that, unbeknownst to me, Giuesppe Rossi was put on the list by request and has agreed to join Inter. Secondly, Javier Saviola was put on the list and has agreed to join Sunderland, and finally Florent Malouda was put on and has agreed to join Arsenal. If I'd have known about those three I would have gave them serious consideration!
  7. Anyone see the Jason Manford sketch he did on Live at the Apollo about Neville Neville?
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