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  1. leagle

    Crashing when selecting tactics

    Same thing happening to me, only since the update
  2. The game is badly in need of a fix. A bit pointless playing at the moment. Playing as Palace, somehow got to the semi of Capital One Cup against Chelsea. Lost the first leg at home 4-1. Then won the away leg 7-0 FFS !!
  3. I have gone back to a restore point pre Windows updates which were done 11/7 and 20/7 which seem the source of problems. Google Chrome stopped working as well so it seemed a system problem. Unfortunately the restore point killed Norton so I had to reinstall that but all seems well now........
  4. Just crashes on a regular basis, usually when pressing continue at the end of a match. Tried the clear game cache, deleting preferences etc. Game is unplayable
  5. leagle

    error on store

    It is now sorted. I did the nuclear option and deleted game from steam and reinstalled.
  6. leagle

    error on store

    i7 - 3630QM 2.40GHz running Windows 8 Looking on other forums not being able to verify game cache seems to be a common Windows 8 problem. I live in hope that FM14 is not on Steam. All problems I have had over the last few years on FM has been Steam related.
  7. leagle

    error on store

    Still not working. It will not verify game cache on steam just does nothing. Has anyone got this to work?
  8. I see a couple of closed threads on this but no solution. Please advise.
  9. Thanks could/might/hope it is sorted now. Verified cache on steam which has been the solution to different problems after updates years past. It thought about it for a few minutes but is now working.
  10. Loving the game, but struggling getting through the January transfer window. Keeps crashing, bloody crazy. A top of the range new laptop so hardware not the problem (the game is very quick). The game is officially broken.
  11. Thanks Neil, I have to go out so will try later. Seems everybody is in the same boat on this.....
  12. It is not updating, at least Steam is not telling me it is updating (which it usually does). Restarted Steam, restarted PC, but still no luck.
  13. Unable to play MY Football Manageer 12, keep getting "this game is not available please try again another time". Another time, patronising @@@@@! This is my game, who are they to say when I can play it. F11 works fine.........
  14. Tried 433 for the first time in years, always a 442 man. Never go back, it is so good feels like cheating !!
  15. Playing great for me, right side of a 4 3 3 strikeforce of Suarez Carol, won the League and UEFA 1st season. 2nd Season still looking good.