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  1. Finally we've made it. Now it's time to bring that Cup home. Revenge for '74 would be nice. And as far as i know, most of the times in the last decades we won the most matches against the Germans. If i recall correctly, the last time Germany beat us in a Tournament would be '90. On the other hand, Spain isn't to familiar with playing matches in a tournament since they normally get kicked out in the first kickout round. Let's just hope Germany - Spain will be a very high paced match with loads of injuries, yellow and red cards, a 30 min extra time and a record penalty shootout like 51-50 or such... Anything to increase our changes. Maybe we should mobilise some a big group of supporters to start teasing the Germans/Spanish in their hotels at night... Maybe create some scandals, like the Germans did with us in '74. LOL
  2. Hi, I think this could be a nice experiment. I only have the feeling you started out on the wrong foot. It was always certain that the 'Wombles' would totally overclass the Wednesday. That is because you added high quality youngsters, whereas Wednesday only got a large bag of money but don't have the reputation (yet) to do anything good with the money. Also, which newly erected club does have a squad full of high quality youngsters? I think i was a better experiment if both squads started out with teams that match their reputation and than let the experiment start. The Wombles with quality facilities and quality youthcoaches to start working on producing quality youngsters. And the Wednesday completely build for buying a squad (dunno which stats you need for that in a club/manager). Than you would have a good experiment. The way this is run now gives one team a (onrealistic) headstart.
  3. I saw this thread a few days ago and decide to give Ajax a try in FM10. Normally i always try out a new FM with Ajax, except this time. Doing reasonably well at the moment. I am in January 2010, 1st place. Currently at work but from the top of my head i think i had 19 played, 16 won, 2 draws and 1 loss (early season loss against PSV). Through to the quarter finals of the Dutch Cup Through to second round of Euro Cup after finishing second i a group with Lazio, Fulham and Ventspils (didn't lose a match) Not very active on the transfermarket (not on the buy side, only unloaded a whole bunch of players who were not good enough or would never get any good). Sold Suarez to Chelsea for EUR 25mil + extra's (an offer which i couldn't refuse), and bought Milevsky for EUR 15mil to replace him. Other than that no major signings, just some young players for the future (including the new Rolfes and the new Beckham). I am not into signing young players mentioned on these boards like everybody else in this thread is doing. I try to stick more closely to the Ajax mentality (bringing up good Dutch youth through my own system). Thus my squad consist out of all the players already at Ajax from the start of the season (only Milevsky replaced Suarez). Goalie: Stekelenburg (Vermeer ) RB: v/d Wiel (Silva) LB: Emanuelson (Atouba) CB: Vertonghen (Wielaert) CB: Alderweireld (Oleguer, Blind) DM: De Zeeuw (Enoh) CM: De Jong (Sarpong) CM: Anita (Gabri) AM: Aisatti (Sulejmani) ST: Milevsky ST: Cvitanich (Pantelic) I use a squad rotation system and most players can play in different positions. Just in the januari transferwindow i had Jeroen Verhoeven (my 3rd goalie) complaining about lack of playing time, so i decided to get rid of him. He has good stats (too good to be a 3rd goalie, but with Stekelenburg and Vermeer higher in rank with me) but will never get playing time. So i decided to offer him to clubs for EUR 350k. The odd thing is the creme de la creme of European soccer comes knocking on my door that they want to take him on loan for a fee of 22k, 100% wages paid with a possible transfersum of 425K, seeing him as a good stand-in. They are offering me more than i am asking. But why do the likes of Liverpool, Olympique Lyon, and many, many more of that calibre want him? Am i missing something? He eventually signed for Liverpool. I think it is still odd, big European teams tripping over each other attempting to sign my 3rd choice goalie (a 29 year old)
  4. I would like to see the Wibble/Wobble return. That way you can place you players around the pitch the way you would like to see them behave when the ball is in a certain area. It than can create a tactic when in possesion and when without possesion. It is than a mere guideline because the execution of your tactic depends on the abilities of the used players.
  5. I'll have a go. Bedford Town came available. My ]Profile[/url]
  6. Sunny Side Up (Country Lad Challenge)

    Maybe it's just me, but since San Marino is a club from the country of San Marino, shouldn't you buy San Marinese players to follow the challenge?
  7. Liked the challenge, so i picked it up. Not writing a story though as that's not my cup of tea. Just for the record, i started off with Stranraer in 3rd Div. -PeterR-