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  1. @@WilsonJuve hey nice story, been following up with LAFC in real life. qn, why did you change from 4-2-3-1 to a 4-2-4? isn't it a lil top heavy? Yaya and Vela are your 2 DPs?
  2. @Smurf hi smurf, what's not recommended? Both options?
  3. hi @Smurf, does CPU or GPU matter more? i'm intending to get a 13.3" (for ease of portability) with i7 8th gen CPU. GPU will be the new NVIDIA GeForce MX150. link: https://www.courts.com.sg/lenovo-ideapad-320s-13ikb-81ak000psb-grey-13-3-in-intel-core-i7-8550u-8gb-256gb-ssd-win-10-home-ip132900 or, should i forgo GeForce MX150 and just go for GeForce 940MX or even just go for the integrated Intel UHD620? https://www.courts.com.sg/lenovo-ideapad-320s-13ikb-81ak000lsb-grey-13-3-in-intel-core-i5-8250u-8gb-256gb-ssd-win-10-home-ip132899 Thank you.
  4. what do you mean? where? how? sorry nooob here. :confused: they actually have the same reputation. Both are on "Local". My gut says, Mr A has a lower "Local" reputation than Mr B both are accomplished in CM.. hmm
  5. hi guys, i bought a player in the lower leagues with a personality of "Professional" in the lower leagues. I have a "Balanced" youngster that i want to be tutored. tutor (Mr A 26yrs old) = Professional = used in a squad rotation tutee (Mr B 19 yrs old) = Balanced = backup to the first team Mr A has a higher squad status, can't tutor Mr B. is it because Mr A was just introduced to the club and thus he can't tutor at the moment? If so, when can he tutor? if there's already a thread answering my question would be helpful. thanks guys (:
  6. This is how i would set it. Depending on opposition's quality, my subs will differ. GK DR (or DL) DC DM (or MC) MC (or AMC) RW (LW) ST if i'm sitting back and to hit opposition on the counter, i ensure i have a winger on the bench to sub when RW or LW gets tired
  7. maybe i'll start with MK dons, big stadium and ambitions but playing in League One. Should be fun or maybe.. i'll just start in Asia with LionsXII in Liga Super Malaysia
  8. well i tried LLM management with Lewes FC and Gloucester City before. I played a direct 4-4-2 with a rigid philosophy. I failed miserably with 4-2-3-1 (deep) though, haha. here's what i go for: -------------GK(D)------------ FB(S)---LD(D)---CD(D)---FB(S) WM(A)--DLP(D)--CM(S)--WM(A) --------P(A)---TM(A)---------- passing --> very direct passing option --> both flanks i play a TM(A) so that he can either play a through ball quickly or a header flick to the P(A) from the final third or penalty box. i also play with a shout, "hit early cross"
  9. Post: 02 Issues I’m facing: 1. GK(D) sometimes passes to CD(D). which Is in my opinion dangerous. My CD(D) have low composure and opponents Attackers hassle my CD(D) where he’ll lose the ball. Opponents will then just score. I have manually set at pass to my WB(A). 2. My WB(A) doesn’t move forward to create space on the left. He’ll act more like a FB(S). WB(A) rarely attacks the byline with a cross. How do I solve this? 3. Should be playing my DMCR as DLP(S) or DM(S)? I found that playing as DLP(S) doesn’t provide late surge into the box as my DM(S) would do. 4. My W(S) is not providing through ball to my AF(A) as much as I want him to do. How do I solve this? 5. The left IF(S) sometimes bumps into AP(S), which breaks attacking play. I have set AP(S) roaming manually. Sometimes AP(S) move to the right to much such that IF(S) have no passing option. This happen when my AF(A) can’t find any space. Then he balloons his shot. grr. 6. Should I be playing AF(A) or P(A)? I found AF(A) more effective that P(A). but P(A) doesn’t score as much as I want him to do. ¾ of the goals scored are from my lone striker. 7. If opponents have 1 or 2 DM, then it’ll congest outside opponent’s penalty box. I try to solve this by having a left W(A) instead. But unfortunately this doesn’t help me scoring opportunities because W(A) rarely gives a cross from the byline. I wonder why. Strategy: Usually I play with control strategy against 4-4-2 by playing wide and attacking through the middle. Other’s, I play narrow to congest the central field for opponents, and then I’ll go with “exploits the flanks” Anyway, I got my inspiration from reading from this thread here: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/348223-Setting-up-an-effective-4-2-3-1 Thought of asking for help there, but my question is too long (: Anw, I've always been a "download someone's awesome tactic and try plug and play". Now i want to understand the tactic behind it :o
  10. Firstly, this is my first thread for FM. I've read the T&C and hope i'm writing within the rules. Also, this thread is separated into 2 posts, since what i'm writing is too long. Post: 01 Problem(s) - Hi guys, I’m playing as Crystal Palace in the championship and I’ve had + and - using 4-2-3-1 Deep formation. I can dominate a game against a 4-4-2 and 3-5-2 formation but fail miserably against 4-1-2-2-1 (and also 4-5-1 flat) and against my own 4-2-3-1 deep formations. When there’s a 1 or 2 DM, I fail to create any shots and CCC. Shape/formation - Expectations - I try to my changes here and there through shouts in the game. While I can score 2-3 goals against 4-4-2 formation, my goals dry up against 4-5-1 and others. I hope you can give me your opinions on what when wrong. ie, what I say here is actually not really reflected in the game, maybe I’m using a wrong philosophy, wrong width and etc. Details – I’d like to share my idea of attacking movement with you, Attacking movement: 1. GK(D) passes short to my left WB(A) (LWB) who will dribble (at least try to) before the halfway line. 2. A(D) will stay in DM position or move slightly left to cover for the LWB who’s pushing forward. This is to ensure if LWB loses the ball, A(D) will step in to stop opponents W(A) or W(S) from dribbling into an empty space and either to create a through ball or cross into the box. 3. If LWB doesn’t lose the ball, he’ll have 2 options to pass to. Either to A(D) which is square to his right or forward pass to my left IF(S). Usually what I see from the game is that, LWB will pass to A(D). 4. With possession of the ball, A(D) will have another 2 options to pass to. A forward running DM(S) where it’ll be a diagonal pass to the right. Sometimes the A(D) will pass forward to my left IF(S). 5. If A(D) pass to left IF(S), He’ll dribble from the left into the centre of the field. AP(S) will roam to the right or left to create space for IF(S) in order not to jam the space in the middle of the park. Here IF(S) have 2 options again. Forward through ball pass to my AF(A) or a cross to the waiting W(S) on the right. Since W(S) is not hugging the touchline, the cross/pass usually reaches him. This doesn’t really happen in the game though. If through ball to AF(A), AF(A) will try to finish. Simple as that. If cross to the right for W(S), He will attempt to dribble past opponents LB, outpace/outdribble him and gives a through ball for AF(A). AF(A) will attempt to finish it. Here’s the problem, W(S) doesn’t really attempt through balls. He’ll pass backwards to FB(S) which disrupts the attacking movement. Then, FB(S) will pass square to the DM(S). By now the penalty box is already congested by opponents defence. 6. If A(D) pass diagonally forward to DM(S), DM(S) will dribble forward and look for AP(S) who’s roaming around outside the PK box. Again 2 options. If simple forward pass to AP(S), AP(S) will use his creativity and vision to look for AF(A) by through balls to him. AF(A) will attempt to finish it. Sometimes my AP(S) will pass to left IF(S) which will jam the middle of the park. In my opinion, I’d prefer a square ball to the right for W(S) as W(S) have much more space and attempts through ball to AF(A). If simple forward pass to W(S), Again W(S) will attempt to dribble past opponents LB, outpace/outdribble him and gives a through ball for AF(A). (not through byline). 7. My AF(A) will just drift left and right in search of space. He’ll wait for a through ball from left IF(S), central through ball from AP(S), and through ball from the right from W(S) and finishing with his favourite right foot. I believe my idea just isn't replicated in the game. hmm. Post 02 next...
  11. i am soo loooking forward to this. my current pitch is too bright that sometimes i don't know where the ball is :/
  12. hey guys, i can't get Wilfried Zaha to play good. I tried him as W(A) and W(S) on the right side and also as IF(A) on the left. I'm not getting the best from him. How should I go about this? and his mental stats are quite low too.
  13. oh, don't see it as me bragging. As in, it's quite impossible to score 11 after a red card right?
  14. Have a look at the scoreline. Can't be real. Dani Alves received a red card on the 27min. Expected bombardments of attack from Ajax. Instead my team scored 11 goals. I feel kind of cheated that my team could score this many Does anybody have this kind of scoreline too? It's a freaky scoreline I must say and that my opponents ARE strong, Ajax. oh btw, after Dani Alves's red card, I subbed Fran Merida with Martin Montoya and moved to RWB position and moved Lionel Messi into AM position to supposedly gain more possession in the centre of the park, which was a wise move. not to brag. but to share.
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