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  1. Hi all, I have been an avid reader of these forums and have used a lot of the good advice (especially from Cleon, jpcote09, wwfan to name a few) to create effective tactics for my recent Man Utd and Man City games. However i have struggled to adapt well to away games and tricky fixtures where i'm not favourite to win. I do realise that my system is attacking, and so works fine at home against the smaller teams (notching up 7-1, 5-0 4-0 s etc.). I also realise that the natural change to make would be to go more defensive and less gung-ho for games where I'm not favourite, but I want to seek guidance on what sort of changes to make. I am aware that every player's roles and duties interact and affect each others, so simply changing a midfielder to defend duty could disrupt the balance. Here is my current set up (ignore the team selection as its not necessarily what i would actually choose): Team instructions are: - Shorter passing - Lower tempo - Play out of defence Can anyone see any glaring changes i could make, which would make the team more defensively sound and wouldn't disrupt the team going forward too much? Any help would be appreciated and happy to provide more info if needed.
  2. Here's a few points that might be worth considering: - Definitely left your CM isolated. He is on a defend duty and you have AMCs in support duty, he may be too far away from your defence and too far away from your AMCs (not to mention there is only one of him so if you come up against a good shut down team they will be able to close him out before support arrives. - Check the approach with Mata and Oscar. They have the same role and the same duty in a similar position. They both have similar styles of play (coming deep to get ball) so you might find that they are occupying the same space. - Both IFs are IF(s), who will also come inside, clogging up the AM strata - You have set high pressing, but with inevitable gaps in your coverage of the opposition midfield, this could cause your defence to get dragged out of position leaving space for strikers. - You've set Look for Overlap, but have both your FBs on an Automatic duty which in this case will be close to a support duty. They may take a long time to get upfield so your players will be waiting a while for them
  3. Yeah I agree with you on the match prep, although after a couple of months its sorted so not too much of a long term problem. In terms of your approach to playing Chelsea, I agree that perhaps I went too far in terms of trying to negate Chelsea, at the expense of our attacking gameplan, which explains why I couldn't get anything going forward and subsequently inviting more pressure. You mention going deeper and playing wider, however I found that Chelsea were pressing very high, particularly when my GK/ DCs had the ball, so going deeper and opening up more gaps between my defence and midfield might not have worked unless going with direct passing which I wasn't keen on doing. I suppose going wider might have been an option, as the play wider instruction is an in-possession one. I also considered that maybe to negate Hazard a little, I could have given him the hold position and stay narrower instructions, which with his support duty would have stopped him being too high up the pitch and he would be narrower at the break down.
  4. No I had a second saved tactic, so they'd learnt it through match preparation. I used this second tactic from the start against Chelsea so had low possession from the off.
  5. I have spent a reasonable amount of time reading the great advice on this forum, particularly the guides from Cleon and wwfan among others. I then always have great ideas about how I'll implement this into my game and see unparalleled success. Unfortunately this is often not the case! So I've decided to post my approach to the first three games of my Man Utd save - How I set up my tactics, my thoughts behind team and player instructions, my team selections, in-game changes and how I interpret what is going on in the game to positively affect results from the sidelines. The aim of this is hopefully for more knowledgeable players to analyse where I have gone wrong and what I need to alter/ look out for, but also crucially, what I have done right so I know when a decision has been a good one. I'll try and provide as much information as possible and go through my though process behind each of the first three games. The first three are Wigan (n), West Ham (h) and Chelsea (a) which is a good set of games to give me different challenges to overcome. So here goes: (The only player I brought in is Nemanja Matic) Here is how I have set my team up: - I've gone with control to encourage a patient build up and aim to keep a good share of possession. - As I have a few specialists in the team I opt for rigid. - Valencia is a natural winger so I've given him that role, and balanced it with an IF(s) on the other side - Behind Valencia, I've got my RFB on control duty so he doesn't tread on Valencia's toes - On the other side I've got a CWB(a) to offer an option high up the pitch out wide as Young will be cutting inside - CBs have Cover/Defend duty as standard which I can switch on a game by game basis if necessary - I've gone for a DLP(d)/ CM(s) in the middle with a vision on Carrick sitting deep and dictating tempo while a hard working Fellaini shuttles back and forth - Rooney as an AP(a) with RVP as a CF(s). Not sure whether this combination is ideal, certainly not for every game, as I don't want Rooney to be too static so I'll keep an eye on this and change it as necessary. In terms of player instructions, I've told AML to sit narrower, my LB to stay wider and my AMR to stay wider. Now for the first match vs Wigan in the Charity Shield: I had a look at the Wigan squad, scouted some of their players to see the likely set up and these are the conclusions I came to: Opposition formation: 4-2MCs-3-1 Weak point in the squad: Left Back (Beausejour) - More of a wing back, poor defensively, bad tackling To exploit this - Valencia AMR - Winger. Run at defence and stay wide. I also put Giggs in at AML as an IF(s) sitting narrower to compensate for this. Opposition approach - Likely to be long ball to Grant Holt and balls from wide as they have strong wide players. Counter - Push up, play DC© / DC (d) pairing, Have CF rather than F9 to stretch defence as we have pushed up compacting the pitch. Also useful for Wing play that Valencia will offer. I also went for exploit the middle, thinking that with us pushing wide and Valencia keeping their LB honest, there would be space opening up in the middle At the start of the match Wigam were lining up with Nick Powell at AMC. I wasn't really to concerned about his forward runs to Holt flick-ons so I told the team to mark Holt more to try and stop him winning headers despite the fact this may drag one of my DCs out, I have Ferdinand covering and no really dangerous runner from Midfield. After a few minutes I noticed their general shape: (Sorry for the lack of player names on this image) - As expected, Beausejour was pushed very high up the pitch. - Maloney (AML) was cutting inside as an IF(a) - Marc-Antoine Fortune (AML) was playing more as a winger. - Powell (AMC) was pushed quite high up - McArthur playing as MC DLP and Liddle (MC) as more of a box to box This approach played into my hands, because Valencia could take advantage of Maloney being nowhere in defence and Baeusejour pushing up. Powell playing high would give more space to my MCs This seemed to go according to plan - We took a 2-0 lead after 30 minutes The first goal was a through ball from Giggs to RVP This is the second goal: Rooney was deep, passed to an advancing Fellaini who played a nice through ball into an on-the-shoulder RVP. We ended up winning 4-0, when 3-0 up, they started playing narrower in defence, so I went for play wider, exploit the flanks: So that's the first game - comfortable win, as it should have been, but it was nice to see goals coming where I wanted them to come from. Game 2 vs West Ham (Old Trafford) So the West Ham approach should be relatively predictable for this game: - Long, direct balls forward - Deep, Narrow defence - Hard pressing and hard tackling So this one is all about stopping the long threat and breaking down their defence, here's my approach: - A poacher type striker will not be effective because of their tight defence and deep line, so I've gone for RVP as a F9 to try and draw them out - Used Rooney as a SS(a) to exploit space left by RVP - Try to stretch the pitch to tire them out when they press so slightly deeper line and play wider - Put in Welbeck as an IF(a) to attack alongside Rooney while RVP comes deep - Exploit flanks rather than go through a congested middle In summary: Drop deeper, Exploit Flanks, Play Wider, Play out of Defence, Work ball into box. They lined up in a 4-1(DM)-2(MC)-2(AML/AMR)-1 After only a few minutes, it was clear Welbeck was having a shocker. Every time he got the ball he lost it and his passes were being intercepted. I put this down to him being told to pick up the ball out wide, and run at his man, but was being let down by a combination of being up against a decent RB and a midfielder charging out to him with high pressing. Also, the MC on his side is on a defend duty, and the AMC is playing as a SS. I subbed him after 36 minutes, putting Giggs on in an IF(s) role and asked him to stay narrower. The match took a turn when Mark Noble was sent off after only 20 minutes, but with the score 0-0. My aim here was to gain more possession, stretch them even more and tire them out. After the red card, they kept only 2 in the centre of midfield and kept their AMR/AMLs. This worked well in terms of possession, we had 64%, and I resisted the temptation to push higher up when it was still 0-0 at half time as I knew they would tire soon. The disappointment here was that RVP as a F9 and Rooney as SS wasn't working as I hoped, so I changed at half time to have Rooney as an AP(s) and RVP as a CF(a) to have Rooney sitting in the hole and the midfield trio should be able to pass around their outnumbered midfield. The game went to plan, had a good share of possession, won 3-0. However we didn't create too many chances and 3-0 was flattering. I put this in part down to West Ham being set up to defend tight which would naturally limit our chances, but I had hoped for slightly more chances especially when they were down to 10 men. Game 3 vs Chelsea (Stamford Bridge) This is the key game, a tough team away from home, and I was pleased to get a tough away game after two relatively comfortable games. Chelsea set up in the usual 4-2-3-1 formation For this game, I didn't feel confident in my normal set up, so I went for a more defensive approach, dropping my MCs back, dropping Valencia back to get him closer to the DMs, and moving Rooney slightly right of centre to allow Young more space. The approach here is Rigid, Counter I asked my team to stay on feet, play more narrow (to close holed for Hazard to run into) The main aim was to be harder to break down, and less likely to overcommit going forward. Going forward, I relied on creativity of Rooney and I was hoping for Hernandez as a poacher to be able to take advantage of any space offered by DCs, and good through balls from Rooney. So after the first 10/15 minutes of the game, we were being outplayed. Chelsea had a huge share of possession, created a few decent chances and we had nothing going forward. Trying to identify why, here were my thoughts: - We invited too much pressure against a good team - trying to play a quick tempo game whilst sitting back and standing off tackles encourages a sustained period of pressure without the ball, then gives the ball away too quickly when we have it. I asked the team to push higher up, whilst being aware this may allow a run in behind. - Hernandez is wasted on the shoulder of the last man. We are playing a deep line with Rooney inevitably coming deep leaving Hernandez up top alone (as shown in the picture) - When our GK had a goal kick, Chelsea were pushed pretty high up and pressed us (see below pic), which meant my usual approach of building from the back was dangerous if the GK distributed to the defenders, but I was wary of kicking long as we were constantly under pressure and needed more of the ball: The average positions is as expected, we played narrow and deep. But the isolation of Hernandez is clear here. Perhaps as well Rooney is too deep, maybe stepping on Fellaini's toes. We lost the match 3-0. Their first two goals actually came from byline crosses, which bounced around and ended up being tapped in on the rebound and their third came from Rio and Phil Jones letting Hazard softly through. As well as this, RVP and Rooney both missed gilt-edged chances either side of half time so the game could have been very different, although it would have been a travesty if Chelsea hadn't have won. Here are the stats: Apart from those two ccc's for Rooney and RVP, we had nothing in the game so my approach must have been flawed. Where I need help is if I played Chelsea away from home again in the very next game, what should I do differently? Are there fundamental flaws in my formation, roles/duties, team instructions etc. If I was to play this game again, I would not play deeper or narrower as I was beaten from crosses from the flanks and heavily lost the possession battle. If I was pushed higher up I might be able to win the ball back quicker. I would either push the AML higher and more inside to support the poacher, with Rooney as a more orthodox AP, OR I would play RVP in a deeper striker role to link up more. Would anyone else agree with this, anything you'd do differently? Or can you tell me of any problems I'd encounter with this approach? As I wrote above, please pick up on anything I've done during these three games, including anything you agree with, as it would be good to know where I am on the right track too!
  6. to correct the AMC problem, an attacking midfielder on support will have run from deep sometimes, change this to rarely and he'll hang back more. if he's still doing this, reduce his creative freedom as gerrard has 'gets forward where possible' as a PPM.
  7. To elaborate a little more: Im trying out a 4-3-3 Rooney and RVP have roaming on, with the idea that this, combined with their PPM to come deep to get ball, would link up with the 2 MCs who would in turn receive possession from the DM. My main aim with this is to pass well and keep possession, which should be achievable with the numbers in the middle of the pitch. This is away vs West Ham: This is exactly the kind of link up play i want to see, unfortunately, it needs to happen a lot more often. Fletcher draws the RB out of position before passing to Hernandez who is occupying 2 defenders, leaving space in behind for Rooney to run on to. This is what is constantly frustrating me. Here evra has two passing options about 10 yards away from him, instead he opts to pass to the keeper, who then launches the ball forward even though he's under no pressure. The next two screenshots are about 20 seconds apart, one when West Ham are in possession and the other when we are in possession. Their players are in similar positions to ours but they have that extra bit of space that allows them to pass through us: West Ham in possession: Man Utd in possession: How would i go about improving this? On the defensive side- tight marking? Narrower? On the attacking side - more roaming? more players running from deep? To achieve the kind of passing i want, would a quick tempo be better against a team closing down more aggressively like West Ham did, and slow tempo against a team sitting back and absorbing pressure? And any comments or advice on the formation, duties and roles would be very greatly appreciated, and I'll post more info if needed.
  8. i do watch the match engine in full, and what i see is that at home i control possession, and have a lot of time on the ball. Away from home its the exact opposite, my passing completion rate is down, as is possession. The AI is generally closing down a lot quicker, which i counter usually with shouts. The problem is that if i try more direct passing, 90% of the time its hoofed down field towards my poacher in vain which gives the opposition more possession and is yet more incomplete passes for me. I know all of this can be sorted out with tactics and shouts, but im still striving to find the right approach and wanted to get some thoughts from others. Thanks for the input
  9. I guess the problem i have is that, playing as Man Utd, i feel sometimes its not 'right' to sit back and play on the counter against weaker teams. It does seem that the AI have a considerable advantage at home (which i suppose is realistic) especially noticable in the possession stats. I suppose i'll try being more conservative away in the future and see how that goes. Thanks for the replies guys
  10. Been playing as Man Utd, and at the start of the season i seem to be ok playing at home, winning games comfortably against even the likes of City and Arsenal. However, away from home, I've suffered defeats against Valencia, Stoke and a scraped win against Lille. Im interested to know people's (general) thoughts and approaches on playing away from home. For instance more direct passing, quicker tempo, standing off opponents etc. It seems like the opposition generally close down more and play a shorter passing style at home, and I always seem to get much lower possession and pass completion rates and I'd like to know good ways to counter this. Thanks in advance.
  11. ok heres the formation: took your advice on the support roles and put dembele in with RWB sometimes (he has runs with ball PPM too) Up against Fulham at home, they're playing a flat 4-4-2 with Berbatov dropping deep, should i mark him tightly or will this drag my defence all over the place? here's the first pic so it looks quite encouraging. My MCs have a fair amount of space in the deep areas, and lennon is in acres as theyre ML/MR have pushed up. Looks as if Dempsey as AMC might have to shake the 2 MCs though, and Adebayor has a defender trailing him everywhere - maybe a good idea to drop him deeper? or get an MC running past him close by? Still only 50 seconds into the game: Looks as if theyre parking the bus somewhat. Here's my thoughts: - Push the wingbacks on to provide extra short passing options - Cross ball more (if they clear, it'll go straight to one of my players, and Adebayor is ok in the air) - Perhaps slow the tempo to allow players to pick a pass more thoughtfully - try one of my MCs with long shots often? Should this be done through shouts/ player instructions or a bit of both? For now i'll give it a while longer and see what happens. in this one, it shows Berbatov predictably dropping deep and roaming into space to receive the ball. How best should i combat this? maybe man mark him with one of my MCs, as if i nullify him, thats the main threat taken care of. Heres something that surprised me. A very similar look to how fulham were when we were in possesion in the final third, but it doesnt seem like a great idea, or necessary. Is this normal/ sensible? if not, how best would i stop my player bunching in the area and keep our two banks of four at least a few yards apart? So here Adebayor found loads of space by dropping deep and received a pass from the DLP. At the moment he's on CF attack duty, maybe with support duty he'll do this more often. Is this a bad idea though because he's my only striker and there'll be nobody to get on the end of chances? So theres just a few screenshots, dont want to overdo it! Would really appreciate it if people could explain what they see in those screenshots and how they'd react to the same situations
  12. ok thanks for the input, makes total sense. i guess i just never know when to focus on their threats and when to focus on exploiting their weaknesses, as often its difficult to do both effectively, just need to find that balance and go with the momentum. i'll try posting some screenies of next game to elaborate further.
  13. Been reading a lot about tactical approaches on this forum recently, and have come to grips fairly well with how the sliders and player instructuions work and what they actually do, however i struggle to know how to break teams down and manipulate my own tactics in game when im watching the ME. I'll show my tactics and the tactics of the opposition and talk through my thought process when watching the game. (sorry for no pictures, if someone could point me in the direction of a program that's good for posting pictures to this forum, it would be appreciated) In this instance i'm Tottenham, playing away at West Ham. I'm playing a 4-4-1-1, balanced, counter FB(auto) 2 CDs Fb (auto) Winger (attack) DLP (support) CM (defend) Winger (attack) AMC (AM-attack) CF (attack) The idea is a basic 4-4-1-1, with 2 winger, bale and lennon told to run down the wings and whip in crosses and for dembele at AMC to run onto balls played by adebayor or get into the box for crosses I'm playing Huddlestone and Sandro in the middle. Sandro as a defensive minded midfielder (would play him as BWM but dont want him to get dragged out too much) Huddlestone to sit and spray through balls. Im up against West Ham, playing a 4-2-3-1 (flat back 4, 2 MCs, AMR/AML/AMC and Carroll as ST) In theory, dembele as amc should be in a fair bit of space in front of the defence and in wde positions, the lack of an opposition ML/MR should mean my ML/MR are in space when receiving the ball. In reality, the first 15 minutes tells a different story. West Ham control the ball, having almost 60% possession, and their high closing down means my team constantly loses the ball. My problem usually is that i can see this in game, but i'm not necessarily sure what to change to nullify my problems and would like some advice on whether my thought proccess is sound or not. Here's what im thinking: - Drop deeper shout could stretch the game which could cause problems if the opposition are closing down a lot Could also help deal with Carroll as his support would be further away from where he wins his headers as a TM - Clear ball to flanks shout Similar intent as above. will help to stretch the game and drag their players wide and out of position as the are closing down. also beneficial because our biggest threat is down the wings. Also noticed that their AMR and AML are always open when cutting inside, they're constantly in the space behind my MCs and my defence. Would the sensible thing to do here be to push my DR/DL up? maybe they would be closer to them to close them down and intercept, without the threat of opposition players running in behind them to the corners. Perhaps Drop my MCs back to help out and close the gap. However if i do this then will i become too defensive and have no threat going forward? To sum up: Firstly, does my formation make sense or are there any obvious problems? perhaps its too one dimensional and when the threat of my MR/ML is not working, is there enough to cause problems elsewhere? Secondly, and mainly, does my thought process make sense, and am i right to spot something that could be threatening and immediately change my approach to nullify it, or does that then hamper my team because it throws the balance off and stops my team from playing. Should i stick to making adjustments in game using shouts or should i look at individual instructions? I understand that there is no right answer and no magic formula but it would be good to at least know that i'm on the right lines! Thanks in advance
  14. ok thanks for your help, its been really useful
  15. ok thanks ill give that a try. when it comes to defensive line, with terry, not being too quick, is it sensible to drop the line back or will this cause problems with defenders being too far away from midfielders? alternatively, should i have a quicker guy like luiz set to cover and terry on stopper role? in my head i see problems being caused with playing strikers onside/ leaving one defender isolated etc or does this combination work in the ME?