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  1. ah hope he dont move too far for rest of his career! he lives in my little village in devon at moment.. nice bloke
  2. The FM "Wedded Bliss" Thread

    farmville is the way to go on facebook... get the missus on that and you can get 3 maybe 4 games in before its eastenders cuddle on sofa time... I am trying to get her into football.. took her to watch torquay last week first footy game.. so im nearly allowed to watch games on tv.. im only allowed newcastle games and MOTD at mo :/
  3. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    anyone got Truro yet? been trying for hours now ;( local team and all
  4. dafuge's FM10 challenge

    just took over Kendal Town.. anyone else Kendal .. tips?
  5. Top of league in January, undefeated (just) few draws most goals INS Got an argentine striker and an 18 brazilian on loan called... Dadu i think :/ Sol campbell in, Barazite, Degen, Insua.. i recommend Degen and Insua highly to replace both fullsbacks got Fleck on loan too and just bought 21 yo Striker for 2.5m from new owners transfer budget 5m from new owners Calderwood wouldnt renew contract so i Promoted Peter Beardsley to ass. man and is doing well
  6. Leave my players alone

    the most annoying thing in the world.. is when a player gets praised all the way through a season... every few days.. the bloody manager doing it becomes a favoured personel with your player :@:@:@
  7. cup final song has to be R kelly - Worlds Greatest normally just stick itunes on shuffle and get a load of ranging songs from Michael Buble to Ne-yo
  8. dafuge's FM09 challenge

    ok well i started the challenge with my hometown (Tiverton Town). 4 seasons in got them to league 2 and huddersfield now in BSP get tycoon and sack the manager for me.. and well... i got greedy will try again soon
  9. seen a few non league clubs only bringing about 10 people down to the english riveira, would it be realistic enough that is realises not many part timers will have alot of fans to travel long distances?
  10. What Clubs Have Sacked You?

    only ever been sacked once which was on 08.. got southampton to premiership then only got about 10 points from first 19 games.. so was rightly sacked though my current save of my huddersfield with tycoon owner in prem just lost last 6 and fans calling for formation changes.. spent 120million in 2 season 1st season finished one above relegation and now im hovering around 12th. They want top 6 me thinks
  11. i just use the same steam account and use the serial code your given. i think its 5 copies of the game one 5 different computers if you uninstall the slot becomes free again etc.
  12. norway has given me a few gems from only english leagues loaded
  13. Anyone else found..

    its weird as hes on bench pretty much everytime i look.. but hasnt come on.. but city only bought one striker prob not a bug.. was wondering more if most people have found this too
  14. Hey all, Im newcastle 2nd season etc. not about me this.. City just finished about 5/6 place anyway came to the summer i get 3 strikers out (martins, Owen (who signed a new contract) and Xisco) sold ameobi (thank god) and have nul strikers. so anyway.. was looking to bring in a loan signing, even though i have 8 mill budget.. i seem to lose alot of money quickely from my balance with the toon.. takeover from llambias </3 no tycoon ANYWAY... i went to city to check if they got new strikers in .. see if could pick up any on the cheap.. i saw Jo.. sub 5.. clicked him went to loan when low and behold.. value 8 mill or whatever and asking price of 0. not on transfer list. i offer 0 and city accept.. i bought jo (better than ameobi ? considering i have no one..) is this normal or a bug? cheers, JTG