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  1. I can give him 25+games, CR won't get much more, my CR only got around 30 starting on all games per season. The thing is most of the players in Sevilla got this issue, it's unrealistic. I tried to delete the club rivalry between RM and Sevilla by using FMRTE, then Navas was willing to talk to me. So it's all about the unrealistic club rivalry.
  2. I can't use CR the whole season, Navas can get like 20+ games starting. Also he got better teamwork and crossing, good for some situation.
  3. I also remember RM bought Suker from Sevilla in 1996. The 2 teams' relationship isn't really bad, even for RM and Valencia it's not like most of the Valencia players won't even talk about the contract. RM almost got Mendieta in 2002, it's also not the player don't want to join, it's the club chairman refuse to sell him to RM.
  4. Ironically, there is one player who once refused to come to RM, that is Villareal's Cazorla, but in the game I don't have any problem to sign him simply because Villareal and RM are not rivals in the data.
  5. No, RM didn't want to pay that much(around 19M) to sign him that winter and he could not play for ECC that season, so later they loaned Faubert which was a super stupid decision.
  6. In real life, most of the transfers go between the same league. Sevilla sold IMPORTANT players to both RM and Barca. And if the deal fails it's usually about the club chairman won't sell them rather than players won't join. Again, I questioned it because Ramos, Baptista and Albiol's case showed it's not normal in real life. I did try to say it in the press and it made him dislike me(didn't save it). I signed his brother to RM but he still refuse to even talk about the contract.
  7. Nah, RM and Sevilla's expectations are not on the same level. RM got 10-20+ points ahead these years. Even if they are, how are you gonna explain the case of Ramos and Albiol? Rivals didn't mean their players won't want to join you. Just like others listed, most of the players in Valencia and Sevilla won't even talk to RM, which is not the case in real life.
  8. Albiol is also Valencia HG, likes Valencia for 100 but he still came to RM. Valencia and Real Madrid's relationship is far worse than Sevilla and RM due to Mijatović's transfer many years ago.
  9. I already give out my point, Ramos also got 100 like(which is MAX) for Sevilla and he's also homegrown, but he still came to RM in 2006. Navas got no difference, his like is also 100, and he doesn't hate RM or me.
  10. Yeah, they simply cannot explain why RM was able to sign important and homegrown players from Sevilla and even rival Valencia. I got no problem with Negrado since he said he won't come back to RM.
  11. I mean, how are you gonna explain Ramos' case?
  12. Again RM and Sevilla are NOT really rivals in real life. So what? He came FROM Sevilla in 2006. Are you saying his love of Sevilla wasn't that strong when he left?
  13. 1 He is willing to join Lyon. 2 Look at FMRTE how much Ramos like Sevilla.
  14. If you look at Ramos' profile, he also favored Sevilla, FMRTE showed 100 but he still willingly joined RM in 2006. Before 2011 or 2010, I got no problem on signing players from these teams.
  15. Talk about realism. We all know Real Madrid bought Ramos and Baptista from Sevilla in 2006, Ramos is homegrown and Baptista was the top star of Sevilla at that time. Even for Valencia, RM's rival, Real Madrid still got Albiol from them in 2009 and almost got the deal with David Villa. The deal failed not because David Vila didn't want to join, it's their chairman wanted 50M.