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  1. I'm in the process of redoing the database from Championship Manager 01/02 in FM13. I can get player data, staff data, team data and alot of other information from the CM 01/02 database, but I'm finding it very hard to find the rules that applied to the Premier League 2001/02. I know that only 5 substitutes could be named, but where there any foreign player rules? How about yellow cards, how many can you get until you're suspended for a game? Prize money? Television money? I'll be redoing the english league system, so basically any info that I can use when creating the new nation rules would be great, thanks!
  2. Joel Ekstrand, from Udinese to Watford, 3 year contract. His full name is Lars Henning Joel Ekstrand, in the game I have seen him as Lars Ekstrand, but Joel is the correct first name.
  3. I've been using two Defensive forwards (support) in my 3-4-3 with Hoffenheim. It's actually one of few parts of that tactic that I have got working almost as I want so far. The ball usually gets played to my Attacking forward/Target man in the middle. He then gets to pick which one of the DFs should get the ball. They usually position themselves a little behind the middle man, providing forward runs or a simple passing alternative. Although, sometimes they both go for the forward run, or both stay behind to provide a passing alternative, so I might try setting one of them to be a bit more attacking. Defensively I find that they do a great job of pressing the opponents early on, when my target man can't get a hold of the ball. A lot of times they force the opponents into turning bakc to the keeper, or trying a long pass. Either way, the result is usually a long pass for my defenders and defensive minded midfielders to handle. Which they don't always do very well, so far. To sum it up, I've had good experience so far playing with two DFs, and a target player type in between. Just have to sort out the rest of the team. I imagine playing with one DF, he would take a position similair to an attacking minded AM, but perhaps contribute more in pressing the opponents and defending in general. He'd probably be quite close to an opponent alot of the time if you're trying to counter attack, or if you win the ball high up on the pitch. I'd try to make sure the first pass is played to one of the other forwards, who hopefully has a little more space to operate in.
  4. Nation: Germany, Holland, England, France Division: Top division European competition: Doesn't matter Media prediction: Around mid-table preferred, but anywhere outside top-3 is fine. Board expectations: Any Transfer budget: Not important if the team already fits a 3-4-3 system, otherwise some money to get the missing players Wage budget: Same as transfer Other: Looking for a decent top-level team in the countries mentioned above. Should have a squad that can fit a flat 3-4-3 system without too many transfers. Would really prefer a german team if possible.
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