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    Been playing CM then FM since the early nineties on my old Amiga. Best game ever!

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  1. I was maybe a bit quick off the mark, had checked 14.3 was in the game. Then opened up the editor and got the old db. I just opened up the editor again and it gave me the option of the update so all is fine... Ooops
  2. If I open up the editor and select 'Load Database' - the default db is loaded. Is there a way to load the 'Winter Update' database at all ?
  3. I ofen use the Job Centre, but leave the advert running for quite a while. It always seems to offer me someone suitable at around the third time it comes in as a news item...
  4. I would like to see a a different release strategy used... For many years now, the existing structure has worked, in as much that an environment has been created whereby, with feedback from users, a final ME is released sometime after the January transfer window, this year looking like March. Essentially meaning that those who wait for the final ME, before starting to play, are starting their season, when the real life (European) season is coming into it's final couple of months. What I would really like to see is an initial game release date around April/May, leading to a final ME release, when the transfer window shuts at the end of August. It just seems common sense that the final and ultimately the most enjoyable ME release should coincide with the the beginning of the European season. (For Europeans at least). Many years ago (with a different username) I used to contribute to bug reporting, but eventually became dissillusioned at doing it for nothing. So I made the decision 7 years ago to just wait for the final ME release. So, I would also propose that those who do contribute (meaningfully) to the bug reporting process (whose efforts I greatly appreciate) should be rewarded for doing so, by getting a discount on purchasing the game, because essentially the bug reporters are doing a very important job for SI for nothing. With the sales the game generates, I see no harm in SI recognizing this effort put in. I'd also like to add, that as the game becomes increasingly complex, (which is a good thing), the documentation, whether it be the manual, or a hover over tooltip, don't seem to be keeping up. There are obviously some very good threads on here eg 12 step plan, combinations, mental ladder etc that appear to me to be essential reading for anyone and everyone to read. Some official recognition of the hard work put in by those thread creators, could in my mind, be rewarded by seeing some of that information appear in the game itself by way of tooltips.
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