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  1. In my case this text is superimpose, maybe need a fix thanks a lot, this is the best skin ever!
  2. When you have a Xbox controller connected to the computer, the mouse pointer it's alive! The mouse pointer moves and is placed on the left side of the screen, when you return to windows it works again, (alt + tab) when you return to fm19 the pointer is still alive ... terrible !!!!
  3. Thanks for your answer! But when i try this in the skins folder dont have "Yac folder" with graphics folder, only have a "yac.fmf" and xml, where are the graphics in local? Thanks again!
  4. Best skin ever, congrats!! A question, Can i change this "icon player" for another default image? Thanks!!!
  5. When i created my coach, selected favorite team: RCD Mallorca, is my favorite, but i dont like play with this. so the game, selected this team for me, dont hace a choice for selected another team.. i started a new game for 7 times, and delete and create a new coach 7 times... the same bug, the game selected the team for me In Fmsite forum have another users with the same bug
  6. All my savegames not work with the new patch, Crash when click continue in ALL the savegames with differents teams,etc...
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