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  1. I'm not arguing, i'm trying to explain you what we did and how. Sure you are free to edit whatever value you wish, i mean that's why the editor is even there. Even between us researchers sometimes we disagree on some values. But i wanna try to explain myself better. "It does not merely represent a willingness to run - something that would be inappropriate in many positions - but rather the willingness to go above and beyond the regulation call of duty, as it were." This comes from the official explanation of working rate for us researchers. And sorry, but i still disagree with you because in
  2. We are evaluating one year, not a single match. By the way his stamina is 14
  3. I repeat, that's what we've seen here in the last year...if something will change in his performances and attitude in these months, for the winter patch we will think about reevaluating those values. Or maybe he will be sold in January and someone else in another league will take care of him and see something different
  4. Harsh? Guys, we are talking about a difference of 2 points in CA...It was 158 and now it's 156. Moreover he is constantly in Inter starting 11's in FM21, while it's clearly not so in real so let's not make it bigger than it really is
  5. Hi, we already asnwered to this "topic" some posts ago, please try to scroll back and find it. We can't judge players for what they were, Eriksen in FM21 is the Eriksen we have seen here in 2020. There are ups and downs in a player career, a huge down is undergoing for him right now. If we didn't take into account his past FM values now he would have a even lower CA and stats, since in game he is anyway a regular first team player for Inter while in real even Gagliardini(143) gets selected before him. He is like the last choice in Inter midfield and that's exactly cause of his mental attribute
  6. Ragazzi continuare a lamentarsi delle giovanili della Lazio lascia un po' il tempo che trova, e ve lo dico sinceramente. In tutto si ritrova con un -85 e un -8 PA a livello giovanile. Stop. Non è sbilanciata verso l'alto la Lazio, così come non sono sbilanciate verso il basso le altre squadre. La Roma, per dirne una che citate voi, è molto, ma molto più forte potenzialmente a livello giovanile. Non sono neanche paragonabili.
  7. The DB is full of youngsters with CA's even higher than their lowest possible range of PA's and i guess there is nothing wrong with that. Anyways he was just asking to increase his CA since he's actually playing in his club and also in his national team. And considering the club ATM is PSG and the national team is Italy, he would really need an upgrade. 127 is used for best players in italian Serie B and i'm sure you will agree with me those players are far from playing for PSG and Italy national team. PS the "couple of matches" reads as 11 games and 7 goals.
  8. Hi, i'm the Inter researcher Lukaku this season has an average of 0,1 crosses at Inter, 0 assists and even passing is not accurate at all with a 78% of completed pass. Last season he had an average of 0,2 crosses, 2 assists and 79% pass accuracy in 36 matches. Crossing 7 was definitely accurate
  9. Hi. Unfortunately, as Inter fan, that's the player we have seen till now at Inter and the reason why he is not in the first team but constantly sitting on the bench...
  10. Ragazzi...qui non si tratta di Akpa Akpro ma di come funziona per chiunque. Se giocatore "X" gioca nella Sambenedettese e la stagione successiva è nell'Inter o nel Milan come giocatore utile nel turnover della squadra, ovviamente e logicamente riceverà un corposo aumento di CA e quindi di conseguenza anche nelle stats. Per Akpa Akpro semplicemente non era pensabile di lasciarlo con 118 CA. Questo valore va bene in Serie B, ma non andava più bene ora considerando che gioca in Serie A e per una squadra di alto profilo come la Lazio. Sarebbe stato immediatamente in lista trasferimenti e non avr
  11. But he's just SO DAMN right. People already cheat. It's full of wonderkid lists, even shortlists themselves, ready to download and then buy those players. IF people want to cheat and play this way, they just will no matter what. And anyways the actual way looks much more easy and comfortable to cheat than the proposal one. What is so difficult in looking for negative PA's with -85, -9, -95 or -10 and just buy them? What's easier than to buy a Colidio -9 PA for 50k and make him the best in the world? At least with the new method they should waste time and put effort to find a possibe way of che
  12. That's what **** me off...people don't even know how it works, yet they take a position and tell others they don't know what is a PA...
  13. But also not. Millions times better any real player than a regen. Always and forever
  14. Is it so difficult to understand that @Raptor simply doesn't like to have a fixed, invariable, hard PA? To have a limit which can't be ever be overcome in any way as a CA, no matter of any possible condition or situation? To, after a first save game, know already who to buy and who to avoid because they will surely become a top player, good player, average player or poor player? To have a little variety in game(which doesn't mean that any player could become Messi, but just that a 19 years old player with 90 CA won't be limited to improve his CA by 5 or 10 cause his PA would be maybe 95 or 10
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