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  1. We feel that there are too many youth players released which then retire in less than a year instead of going to play in lower clubs or divisions and their place is taken by too many regens. About regen we think it would be better to have them "popping out" at the end/beginning of a season rather than in the middle of it as it is now for Italy in March for example.
  2. I agree and quote Van Helmut. I noticed the same thing. All youngsters relesead, retire at the same season or max 2 seasons later. But i notice the same problem also with older players, even with top players which get relesead and instead of accepting less money in the contract or a club not as "big" as previous, just retire too young. The likes of Barzagli, De Rossi and even Marchisio and Mertens, retired at just 33 and 31.
  3. Luka Modric and Chelsea

    cause it's a game? in real u also can't be hired as manager of City or United or bring a lower leagues club to win Champions League in few years
  4. Values drop way too much

    No serious injury, it's just consequence of his first season. But like him there are many others, cause it happens to all injured players or players not playing a lot. Drastic drop in CA and stats
  5. I don't know if i should post it here or in the bugs section but i noticed, also using fmrte, that injured players or players that are not regularly in the first team pick, have their values dropping way too much and too fast, CA included. Especially injured. I will post a screenshot of Essien before the end of first season: http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/8185/essienm.jpg he looks like a Serie B or Championship player, and his CA dropped to 132...too strict. And almost all players with injuries(also not serious injuries i mean) or not playing regularly drop too much. http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/4618/romatransfers.jpg Here is how Roma bought Essien for €3,4mil. I'm sure Roma fans would be very happy if that'd happen, but it's a little bit unrealistic. And like that there are many many others. Please fix this drastic drop in stats and CA
  6. QUOTE we honest buyers are the only ones punished by this
  7. Congratulations for forcing me to have that Steam on my computer to play FM2012. Now who knows who have my datas, credit card and so for everyone of us, thousand people who just wants to play your game. Not to mention the million problems it gives Steam to play FM, with the many times to re-install, re-download it and errors. Like always the only ones who get disadvantages from this "method" not really piracy since they hacked it just a little bit slower(they made it of course, you really had any doubt?) but normal users and honest people who buy the game and just want to play and enjoy it without all this bothering. GG
  8. Italian League underrated

    thanks, i'm glad that some of you appreciated my post, cause in fact i really meant to open a discussion and let SI notice that they underrated it a little bit too much, without being polemic, sarcastic, sharp nor patriotic at all. I just expressed what i think with also some evidences and facts, glad to see some of you(by now), not italians as well, agreeing(even just partially) with my analysis and suggestion to fix it in future version of database
  9. Italian League underrated

    weird, since CA and PA are easily accesible with in game editor...but if that's the rule sorry, didn't know about that and i will avoid posting specific CA's and PA's
  10. Italian League underrated

    Please read the whole post...it's exactly what i said, don't judge just by coefficients, read facts and evidence before posting...you know that on coefficients there is a big influence from Europe League? That's the reason why Italy is going down, cause stupidly our teams and managers neglect it and can't wait to be out of it as soon as possible = loss in coefficients. This year coefficient is exactly the result of it as italian teams were eliminated in the very early qualifying thanks to their mentality to put reserves in such useless competition(for them). But again take Champions League which is by far the most important european competition and you will see that Italy with its team made the best average points till now in this qualifying rounds. It's not my opinion, it's statistics, facts...just take a look at my previous post in a complete way please. Then judge, don't just go on wikipedia coefficients to make your evaluation
  11. Hi, i know now all of you will think i'm patriotic or nationalist. But it's really not like that. I'm the first one to say Italian Serie A lost as in quality of players. But still i think in FM 2012 is quite too much underrated(as in reputation, players CA-PA, teams) and way too much worsened compared to FM 2011. I'm not here to discuss which one is the best league in Europe, not at all. I wanna make some examples and show you some facts, give you some profs and evidence that i'm not crazy, patriotic or talking no sense Premise: i like to use editor very much everytime there is a new FM before starting playing, and this year i was a little bit shocked when i saw how much Serie A was worsened compared to last year. Even best players playing in it, they are not as good as they should probably be. Let's take De Rossi. Last year he was a (snip)(referring to CA-PA), now he is (snip). Just cause he didn't have a very good last season, doesn' mean he can't play anymore or his PA so drastically decreased. Or if that was the case, it should be balanced for everyone, everywhere. Kakà after last 2 seasons should then be somewhere around 135-150, but he still has (snip) as a PA. I read somewehere from official source in the forum that PA is not only the maximum potential ability he could reach, but also the best he has as a peak in his career. So how is it possible in FM 2011 he had (snip) as starting CA and now he has (snip) as a PA? Isn't it a little conflicting and contradictory? I mean, i'm ok with both versions, to have the PA's set as the best they reached in their career as well, or to see it drastically decreased. Both it should be balanced for everyone, especially for big players in the game. I used De Rossi as example, now please don't start discuss De Rossi, that wasn't the point. There are many many others. Pirlo to mention one. He literally changed Juventus this season. Not a coincidence they are first this year. They can really play good, he gave them quality. But in the game is CA is just (snip). Pirlo still makes a difference in the field when he is playing. Ancelotti wanted him in Chelsea when he was the manager, and trust me i'm sure if they did buy him...Chelsea would have won more. I'm not saying Lampard or Essien are bad players, very far from saying so. They are great players and i think every fan would be happy to see them playing for their team But i also disagree when i see Arsenal(again, it's just an example, so Arsenal fans sorry if i use it like this)players with am average PA(starting 11s) better than probably any italian team. Same team who lost 8-2 to Man Utd and which is in serious troubles as far as i can see after selling Cesc and Nasri. But their midfield(example again) is by far better than any other midfield of any italian team. I seriously doubt if Arsenal this season would be playing in Serie A that they would win it. But with such CA, PA and stats balance, in the game if Arsenal would play in Serie A i guess simulating a season they would easily win it. Sorry for a lot of examples, but it's the only way to explain i guess. Now i will show you evidence and proofs i was talking about in the beginning. Let's take major competition, Champions League. And let's take it from the new millenium, so since 2001(taking new millenium cause it's probably when italian teams starting to have a decrease). So ten edition of it. Country winners: Spain: 4(Barcelona 3, Real Madrid 1) Italy: 3(Milan 2, Inter 1) England: 2(Liverpool, Man Utd) Portugal: 1(Porto) Italy is second with 3 in 10 edition, which makes an average of almost 1 out of 3 Champions League edition. I guess is not too bad. And let's mention also the fact that by now, moment in which i'm writing, Italian teams have the highest average points in Champions League qualyfing rounds compared to other countries. And they are playing against Barcelona(1st in Spain), Manchester City(1st in UK), Bayern Monaco(1st in Germany), Lille(France champions) and Villarreal. So not exactly against the worst teams in Europe. If then we consider also the fact in the last 3 years, the only team who could eliminate Barcelona(probably by far the best team in the world and one of the best in history) from Champions League was Inter in 2010 semi-finals...well i guess that makes Italy not so bad like it is in this version of FM. And in all of that i didn't mention the 2006 World Cup Italy won. We lost in coefficients cause unfortunately(and very stupid imho) for our teams and managers playing Europa League is like a waste of team, they can't wait to be eliminated from there and they even admit it sometimes. I don't know if they can't understand that it makes Italy lose a lot of coefficients, or if they just don't care. But that's the reason why we are losing coefficients, not really for competitiveness, which is still not bad (Barcelona - Milan 2-2 at Nou Camp just one month ago) despite we lost quality in our league. So i think it would be better to judge not only basing on coefficients, but looking at facts of last years as in major competitions. That's why i hope in the next future patch containing a database update as well there will be a review of balance between teams, players CA-PA and reputations in the best european leagues and teams. Thanks for your attention, i hope i was helpful to improve still more this fantastic serie called FM (i'm a fan since cm93)
  12. FM 2012 Editor

    what a reason, as always fan boys can't admit anything...u buy a game to play it or to check data? no sense in making it impossible to use data editor
  13. FM2010 - To many high scoring games?

    ok now i've played some more months in the game...pls SI fix it, there are way too many goals, too unrealisticl! barcelona often wins like 6-0, 8-2...ibrahimovic has something like 21 goals scored in 15 matches. And i'm not playing as barcelona, but as inter and in the italian league i can see very unrealistic results as well in my serie a, like a lot of 6-3, 8-1, 4-4 or results like that. Ok once in a while but every serie a, liga or premier league fixture in my game has like 2 or 3 of those results. Please fix it with a patch, cause besides that the game is really great
  14. FM2010 - To many high scoring games?

    yeah and maybe they implemented the chance for a kid to throw a red balloon in the pitch ending up in the line of sight of a shot deviating it for a goal...comon devils advocat don't be naive
  15. FM2010 - To many high scoring games?

    nah i didn't create any special tactic...it's just a very easy tactic, probably you are not playing with a top club with top players?