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  1. I know you guys hate our country, but... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Tourism_rankings Deal with it.
  2. Nope, Morata just have a buy-back clause for the first 2 years but the amount is the same - 30m €. Berardi is a different case.
  3. It's not that easy to set it. Juventus has an option to buy him for 18m€ before july 2016, which becomes 25m€ in july 2017. Unfortunately there isn't a way to set it like this
  4. Guys we understood the point about your suggestion for Kalinic. It'll be taken into account. Thank you!
  5. One is just trying to help.
  6. Serie A: Palermo sacked Iachini and hired Ballardini as new manager http://palermocalcio.it/it/1516/news/scheda.php?id=32141
  7. Totally agree. You don't even need to watch him for years to get he is no way a 117 CA material...tremendously underrated.
  8. 43138933 Johad Ferretti is not in Milan first team as in FM16, he solved his contract and now he is a free agent - http://www.transfermarkt.it/johad-ferretti/profil/spieler/199792
  9. Inter, which is a top club in Serie A and not only, has 2 players in first team which shouldn't be there. 43055103 Diego Mella solved his contract with Inter and joined for free to ASD Villafranca Veronese(43058677) - http://www.transfermarkt.it/diego-mella/profil/spieler/163673 43043984 Youssou Lo was signed one year ago just to trick the non-EU rule restrictions and immediately sold to Olhanense in Portugal - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youssou_Lo
  10. http://www.carpifc.com/news-prima-squadra/esonerato-sannino-panchina-a-castori/ When we report things, they are official. Not like Ashley Cole free transfer
  11. Bee Taechaubol is no way owner of any percentage of Milan as right now. Here we are even doubting he ever will. He should have paid already something like 500m euro time ago but he never did. We can't put him in the game till it will be something certain and official.
  12. cause it's a game? in real u also can't be hired as manager of City or United or bring a lower leagues club to win Champions League in few years
  13. No serious injury, it's just consequence of his first season. But like him there are many others, cause it happens to all injured players or players not playing a lot. Drastic drop in CA and stats
  14. I don't know if i should post it here or in the bugs section but i noticed, also using fmrte, that injured players or players that are not regularly in the first team pick, have their values dropping way too much and too fast, CA included. Especially injured. I will post a screenshot of Essien before the end of first season: http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/8185/essienm.jpg he looks like a Serie B or Championship player, and his CA dropped to 132...too strict. And almost all players with injuries(also not serious injuries i mean) or not playing regularly drop too much. http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/4618/romatransfers.jpg Here is how Roma bought Essien for €3,4mil. I'm sure Roma fans would be very happy if that'd happen, but it's a little bit unrealistic. And like that there are many many others. Please fix this drastic drop in stats and CA
  15. QUOTE we honest buyers are the only ones punished by this