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  1. Same here, I've won the title past 4 seasons with Port Vale. I think your problem is you aren't adjusting to the new way teams are playing against you or you might need to give other players a shot, even if they're not as good as the player they're replacing. Freshen things up a bit.
  2. I decided to spend the 15 million I was given on 6 youngsters. I threw them in the first team straight away and it was the best decision I ever made because they are the foundation on which this team is built. They are either still first team players or have been sold for a lot of money allowing me to buy other youngsters a season or two later that make up the current squad. I finished 12th that season then managed 4th, 3rd, 2nd then finally 1st. It took a while for me to win the title, but I enjoyed watching my team grow and improve every season.
  3. bardock

    The Mikel Stadium

    I'm annoyed, I finally got my board to build me a new stadium on FM for the first time. They didn't name it after me despite winning a couple of Premiership titles and a couple of other cups with Port Vale. It's very upsetting to hear Mikel managed it.
  4. Certainly helps me, I don't know if I dreamed the other scenario up or if it was in another FM. Good news is the player I bid for is my favourite player. I gave him 250k/week, that's 4 times what I'm paying him, 7.5 in signing on fee and agent fee and yet he still rejected City. Now that's loyalty.
  5. Turns out you're right Vangelis. This time I actually went through with the bid and it worked. I got a message saying I've accepted the offer because it meets [player name] minimum fee release clause. This is very odd. My whole belief system has been shattered.
  6. I'm not sure, but I relied on what it said when I was bidding for the player. When you bid for the player, look at the comments box on the right hand side, if the release clause will trigger, it should say it in that little box. It reads "Offer must be accepted as it meets an active release fee."
  7. I just tried this out in my save. A release clause does not get triggered if you pay in monthly instalments. I added another manager and tried buying one of my players who has a release clause of 120 million. I offered 119 million up front and 200 million over 12 months and it still won't trigger.
  8. I failed to trigger a release clause using monthly instalments for a player. I can't remember who it was or what save, but I operate under the assumption that it can't happen because of that experience. Maybe a certain amount of the release clause has to be paid up front for it to be triggered?
  9. I think wage matters because I have very good players in my team, some are the best in their positions, but none of them are worth more than 23 million. My highest earner is a defensive midfielder on 65k, but the rest of the players are on less than 50k. Things that determine value are probably age, contract [wage+length] and reputation. I wouldn't be surprised if CA and PA figure into it as well.
  10. Yeah under staff in the boardroom request screen. You can ask for more scouts, physios, and coaches.
  11. I was begging my board to build me a new stadium after about 6 years in the Premier League they decided to go for it. 1 year and a 40 million debt later, I have a brand new 33,000 all-seater. I might have used the "after all I've done card, but I'm not sure, I haven't played this save since January, but that card works with everything else without fail so far. Didn't name it after me... Huuuge bummer. They chose to go with a boring name "Port Vale Stadium". For some reason under board requests the stadium is still listed and the time line has been extended by another 2 years. The move into the new stadium was announced so I don't know what this means. I'm hoping it means more seats.
  12. bardock

    buy him back!!

    This is what I do and like you I have yet to buy any of them back.
  13. Yes it will make a difference. This should be a balanced game for Real Madrid since most of your biggest opponents will come from these countries. I suggest loading England - Premiership and nPower Championship Italy - Serie A and Serie B Germany - First and Second Division Spain - All the way down to Second Division B. You don't need to add players because usually the top players from other countries get added. The large database will be 27000 players, if that's too much, you can use medium database which works out to 24000.
  14. bardock

    Do AI teams pay Agent Fees?

    They do most likely. I think AI teams simply accept the first offer. That's why their players' wages sky rocket pretty quickly.
  15. I don't think you can loan out them out in the first window. Might be the entire year, but either way, you should tutor that player so you maximise the effect of loaning him out.