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  1. This might just be the worst result possible. A loss would probably be the end of LVG's reign. A win would perhaps signal a turning point, that maybe LVG could actually get us playing well and winning again (plus it would be a win, which is obviously good in itself!). A draw, with an improved performance against a theoretically big team (who have somehow managed to be worse than us this season) might make the board reluctant to sack him, dragging this whole thing out a few more weeks.
  2. We only sacked Moyes once Champions League qualification was mathematically impossible, because a clause in his contract then limited his compensation. If LVG has a similar clause, I can sadly see us hanging on to him. Then again, as he only had a 3 year contract rather than Moyes' 5 year one, it might not cost that much to sack him now.
  3. He's also never really had to build a team before. At Barcelona he already had all those great youth team products there, and he took over at Bayern just after they'd won the Champions League. I think we're a lot further from a finished article than either of those teams were.
  4. Plus he appointed those people as his assistants and coaches, so he should surely get at least some credit for their good work for hiring the right people?
  5. Found an issue when playing as Man Utd. I guess it's related to them being in the Europa League when they shouldn't really be, but I can't register any players for the competition. It never asks you to register players, and there's no option to if you go to your squad and click "registration". So I can only pick U21 players! Might be a game bug rather than an issue with your update, I guess.
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