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  1. Anyone know the max CA gain you can expect to see from a player over the course of one season would be? I have this 22 year old Reunionese striker, had him a couple of seasons and he's scoring for fun in CC league 1. His stats are mediocre, he has 115 CA and 185 PA. My training facilities are up to "adequate" and my coaching is ~5 stars all round. How to get the best out of him? Should he play every game, as a super sub or just the occasional cameo appearance? How many seasons (roughly) would it take to gain 70 CA? Other question, he just got called up to the Reunion squad... they don't play
  2. Thanks for the feedback You're right, the time limit isn't neccessary and could be annoying. Same goes for the bonus for switching clubs, I just threw that in to try and make things more interesting. Like you say though there's really no need and it would encourage an unrealistic amount of club hopping. I'd quite like to keep some sort of bonus for selling players though. After all it's not entirely unrealistic what with all the rumours of corruption and transfer bungs these days. Also I figured that people would have to strike a balance between selling off players to increase their ear
  3. bleh i shouldve read the thread before posting, oh well would be nice to be able to preview posts too.
  4. I was thinking of starting a somewhat different sort of challenge but being a bit of a newb on these forums I thought I'd post the idea here for discussion in the hope that a somewhat more reputable member might follow it up. The plan is to give a challenge that offers as much flexibility as possible while still including some sort of general aim and standard by which to compete. Any pointers/suggestions welcomed.
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