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  1. either Stanton Fredericks or Ryan Hartslief or Benedict Vilakazi is it one of them? lol
  2. oh my god, i didnt think any other person had ever found these gems!! props to me and you haha that was my strike partnership for Birminhgam city and i scored 140 goals in a single premier league season my reserve was Georgi Kakalov who was from the same club as Todorov and he was class as well more recently in 08: Ever Banega from Boca 07: Mascherano 06: Enyeama and Gonzalo Romero CM 03/04 - Xano, the guy was an absolute monster on the right wing
  3. i saw someone metioning that u shud select the ticket prices. this is unrealistic as managers dont do that. however they also said something about a 3D stadium. i think that you should be able to see the advertising boards in the stadium. and sell them out to companys. also, wouldnt it be great if the pitch was at a slight angle so you could see how high the ball was in the air. because i hate when you think youre going to score, and then the ball passes straight through the net, without ever looking like it was going over. make us aware that the ball was hit high up please SI. also, if you are 85 k under the wage budget, you should be allowed to offer 85k of wages to a player you wish to sign, provinding he is good, and the transfer window is nearing closure
  4. 2,5,6,7 and 8 are amazing ideas omg if those were in the game im sure it would be 30000 times better. great imagination please put these in the game SI
  5. very nice idea. maybe should be in the contract... if they score 20 goals, they get a hefty bonus. maybe you could do this if you had a low wage budget
  6. brilliant idea. you should be able to bring your whole coaching staff, and if they dont want to, they can stay. this is what happens in real life so great idea
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