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  1. In regards to a 352 try this http://www.footballmanagerstory.com/best-fm-2017-tactics-tinkermans-terrific-3-5-2/ Found it to be really good. I've mixed counter and standard as applicable, gives the opp something to think about. Make sure you use OIs.
  2. Excellent, need to Max out the tactical understanding then will give it a real go. Having some success with a 3-5-2 a present.
  3. Good stuff, fluid tactic? Prem is a different beast but determined to evolve my side to play this way.
  4. Quick question: what kind of average shape should we be looking for without the ball. When I've reviewed the analysis the shape is less compact that it is WITH the ball. I'm guessing this is because of the press?
  5. What adjustments did u make I had an awesome preseason, good first game 2-0 as Blackburn v stoke but lost 3-2. Still awkward with the formation so putting it to one side until totally fluid. Not expecting miracles, with my side.
  6. Awesome tactics dominated for years as man u, moved to league one Blackburn rovers and second in Prem in consecutive season. Only thing stopping me is my old man u side. Any FM17 tactics as this isn't effective in the new game?
  7. Apologies. Just 'no' would have done, don't have much free time these days!
  8. Will version 2 help? my Blackburn team nearly got relegated with this. After 9th, 11th finishes previously I had high hopes for this one. Got another tactic, but struggle for goals.
  9. So far, so good. Only two games into my season. After avoiding relegation, I've started solidly, last min 1-0 home win against west Ham and 1-1 away to Norwich. Decent pre season, Struggled to attract marquee players on the whole, but a free signing of Zouma was decent. Will post more as season progresses.
  10. Decent tactic this, took Blackburn Rovers to 9th last season. Did change to another tactic to push on but now I'm in a relegation scrap. Gone back to the original rainmaker to save my season! Hopefully I'll be in the Prem to try this new one out.
  11. Decent for me too. 4th in EFL with Blackburn, promoted via the playoffs. Now everyone wants a superwage!!!! Great addition with the hold tactic
  12. I to have the same issue. Blackburn, second season struggling to find anyone to back up Danny Graham. Got a West Ham youngster in with right attributes and retraining position. How did you get Zach Clough to work so well Fuss?
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