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  1. Just finished my second season.Won League 1 with 99 points,should have been much more, 1 win in my last 4 games. Ended up 15 or so points clear from 2nd. Top scorer was Tony Watt with 23 league goals, again should have been so much more but he only scored 1 goal in 2015!! Won the JPT with a 2-1 win over Oldham
  2. Im in October second season now. Won the League 2 with 104 points. Top performers were Matt Derbyshire with 23 goals, Angelo Balanta and Danny Green both got 15+ assists. Second season I managed to sign Ross Jenkins, Rob Keirnan and Danny Green on free transfers. Got Tony Watt, Samid Yesil on loan. Sold John Sullivan to Liverpool for £20k, Romain Padovani for £90k loads on players left on a free. Currently top of League One, 6 points clear.
  3. Started with Pompey yesterday, currently in November, top of the league, 4 points clear of Cheltenham in 2nd. Started the season with 7 clean sheets, only winning 4 though, and scoring just 7 goals!! Still unbeaten in the league. Won 10, drawn 4. Lost in the League Cup 5-3 away to Watford. Signed a few loans, and a couple of free transfers. In Arran Lee-Barret (Free) Dean Parrett (Free) Angelo Balanta (Loan) Danny Green (Loan) Rob Keirnan (Loan) Anthony O'Conner (Loan) Ross Jenkins (Loan) Matt Derbyshire Only managed to sell one player and that was Phil Smith to Blackpool for £27.5k Top scorer is Danny Green with 8 goals in 15 games.
  4. Should I buy Will Hughes or James Ward-Prowse?
  5. Im halfway through the first season. Currently 17 points clear at the top. For anyone just starting I can recommend getting HOGAN EPHRAIM in on loan from QPR he's ripping it up. Top scorer for me so far with 21 goals. Playing him as an IF. Also highly recommend Mark Yeates from Watford, can sign him for around £80k.
  6. One little thing thats confusing me. I have a new laptop (8GB Ram) and yet Im only getting half a star for speed and performance with only one league running! Surely it should be higher than that?
  7. Ahh the joys of the internet. I've just finished it, its a good one.
  8. Trying to work out Windows 8, watch S3E3 of The Walking Dead, bit of porn, then FM time!
  9. Question ref beta to full game. I pre ordered and got the Beta, but due to lack of money I had to cancel the order, but still had the beta, I've just re ordered from a different place, and have been given a product key, how do i update to the full game when released? Do I have to download the beta first using the new key?
  10. Can I delete/uninstall and redownload via my Steam account??
  11. Get that thumb from off your forehead. Man Up!!!
  12. Is there any advice anyone can give me to starting a net game? My mates cant seem to join
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