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  1. Now that FM Touch is a separate Steam install, it's not possible to change the player attribute colour thresholds. Previously, the changes to the full FM thresholds were honoured in FM Classic/Touch. Is there a workaround for this? It just seems like the option is hidden in the Interface settings.
  2. FMC 15.2: during a match, under Stats, you can see detailed statistics per team, e.g. passes, crosses, tackles, etc. For some reason, interceptions has disappeared in the 15.2 update. Has anyone else noticed this? Is there any way to get it back by modifying the skin?
  3. I was kind of hoping this was an intentional feature, that FMC would give you a free pass at the start of the game. But it does seem to be Portugal that's the problem, so I can't bring myself to "cheat"!
  4. I've been trying to find ways to export stats in the game for further analysis. I've come to the end of my first season in my Man Utd save and wanted to review the stats to see where I could improve. For example: Was there a player consistently making mistakes every game? How many mistakes did he make per 90 mins? Do his assist and goal contributions make up for his mistakes? The game actually does give you a lot of data, but for whatever reason, not all stats are comprehensively covered. On the main squad page, you can add columns for tackles per game, but not tackles per 90 min. You can see the total number of interceptions, but not per game or per 90 mins. Also, once the new season starts, the main squad screen resets so you can't see last season's stats without going into individual player histories, which doesn't have customisable columns. The only way I've found to export this data is to print it into a file. I'm using HTML format, because it's structured and I can easily import into a SQL database and run queries against it. Is there any better way of doing this?
  5. Hmm it just doesn't seem to work. May be another bug, same as last year, that was eventually fixed.
  6. Excellent as always, thanks. Have you been able to edit the attribute thresholds in FMC? I added in the usual attributes (copied from the 2013 base skins), but it doesn't seem to have any effect. I cleared the cache and reloaded the skins. I'm assuming this is the only way to do it, since FMC doesn't have the option in the preferences.
  7. I had the exact same problem. The solution is to update to the latest 13.2.1 base skins. You can extract them from the game yourself using the Resource Archiver: http://www.footballmanagerwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Resource_Archiver
  8. 'fm2013 dark' uses 'fm2013 dark-widgets' so you should edit the xml files in that folder. I would also change the name of the skin in 'fm2013 dark.xml' otherwise you will see two 'FM 2013 Dark' skins in the preferences drop-down box in the game and won't know which one is the edited version. Before you posted, I didn't even know you could extract the skins using the Resource Archiver. For anyone wanting the base skins to modify, the instructions are here: http://www.footballmanagerwiki.co.uk/index.php?title=Resource_Archiver. Put the extracted skins in the skins folder as usual.
  9. Is there a base skin for 13.2? I just updated to 13.2 and I'm using the 13.1.3 base FMC skin. Unfortunately, there's a problem with viewing player attributes: http://i49.tinypic.com/2v9vuz4.png
  10. This mod is what we're looking for: http://www.fmscout.com/a-fm13-mod-match-in-between-highlights.html Many thanks to the creator!
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