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  1. Indeed, it got relocated to Canada in my save. I'm also not sure whether that is hard-coded or varies between saves? So many questions
  2. I just wanted to check with others that this weren't a bug, as I couldn't find anything through a google search. Playing as England in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, I was surprised to notice come the end of the campaign that there were no playoffs between the 2nd best teams to qualify for the world cup - instead the 3 runners up with the superior record automatically qualified. It didn't affect me as I finished an easy 1st anyway. Is this the same in everybody's game? The only explanation I could think of is fixture congestion due to the new UEFA nations league!
  3. Under Review

    Hi - I have the exact same bugs as described above. I noticed once I got "Players inducted into (club) Overall Best Eleven" News item that occurs at the end of the season. Worth noting that in the news item the overall best team appears but when you view best eleven, the overall best does not show. I'd share screenshot plus savegame but not sure if i have the privileges?