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  1. Indeed, it got relocated to Canada in my save. I'm also not sure whether that is hard-coded or varies between saves? So many questions
  2. I just wanted to check with others that this weren't a bug, as I couldn't find anything through a google search. Playing as England in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, I was surprised to notice come the end of the campaign that there were no playoffs between the 2nd best teams to qualify for the world cup - instead the 3 runners up with the superior record automatically qualified. It didn't affect me as I finished an easy 1st anyway. Is this the same in everybody's game? The only explanation I could think of is fixture congestion due to the new UEFA nations league!
  3. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Thats what I thought after a day researching! Bought off Dell last time, and had a good experience. Using Dell's 7% coupon brings it down to £600, so for anyone currently in the market, take a look Battery power's not the best if that's important to you, but I usually run off charge anyway
  4. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi there, what are people's opinions on http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15r-se-7520/pd?oc=cn15s17&model_id=inspiron-15r-se-7520? Is it good value for money, or are there better laptops for around that price? It seems to have a decent enough processor to run FM fast at least.
  5. The Official FMRTE 2012 Thread

    Hi, this is kind of peculiar.. I am managing Redditch United- downloaded this FMRTE program about a week ago, used it to look at secret stats about my team and such, eg. my players ca/pa. Strange thing is for the last couple of days when choosing my club Redditch United in the editor, it doesn't show any of the players in the team, and lots of things such as reputation say 0, though in-game all is "hunky dory". Yet some things it still shows in the editor such as staff and finances?!? Is there a solution to get it back to normal? Or is my team in the game now secretly corrupted or something
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UEFA_coefficient#Club_coefficient It makes sense, as based on results listed there is already a 3 point gap. Plus i think penalties may count as a draw in terms of coefficients.
  7. I presume they had won more matches thorughout the champions league, ie. the group stages, winning each leg of the knockouts etc. points gained are based on wins and draws, not solely on how far in the competition you get If your country has a low coefficient that would also affect the team coefficient slightly.
  8. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    Thank you! And good luck with the Chippenham hunt. So long as I get Evesham to finish ahead of Redditch for the 1st season, that will be enough for me (very close proximity rivals)!
  9. dafuge's FM11 challenge

    http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/234410-FM11-Dafuge-Challenge-Saves-Thread-(-w-Large-DB) There's a Chippenham save here mate I don't suppose you still have the Evesham save?!! I come from Evesham, but doubt I would ever be lucky enough for them to appear edit...seems like you know already,, silly me
  10. He had played for flamengo on loan aswell. Is there any way around this rule through fmrte then? is very frustrating!
  11. People sign for different clubs in january all the time though so why does this not apply for them? :s Its doubly annoying because before i started negotiations he hadnt played yet
  12. Basically, what it says is the title. Bought Vagner Love for Standard Liege for bargain price, but now realised i really messed up. Its the start of the new season and under selection details it says "cannot play for 2 clubs in 1 year (1 July- 30 June)". Obviously the problem is the sub appearance he made in a cup just before he arrived on a transfer, but why and where does this rule exist?? Is there anything I can do about this so i can play him! (via editor if need be). Thanks
  13. Maybe then i wouldn't have been gifted with "Carr Park"!
  14. What happened to the 20s???

    Simply put yes, as the conditions are the same for him as for me. Though I do agree with you with zigzag runs and maybe millions watching would mean a chance i would not. HOWEVER, other attributes would account for this for example agility for zigzagging lines and hidden attr. pressure for the 2nd case. Also fatigue would set in much earlier and this would also be another factor. That doesn't change the fact that my basic PACE attribute would be much higher than Rooney's. The basic point i am trying to get across is that for some attributes, mainly physical, the odd (but rare) BSP players should have an attribute that is as high as the top EPL players earning a fortune- Of course, the rest of their attributes may be shockingly bad but i feel that would represent real-life much better. Edit: Just remembered a perfect real life example. Darren Campbell who got a silver in the 200m at 2000 olympics and gold in 4x100m 2004 olympics played for clubs like Plymouth and Newport County between the ages of 21-23. Knowing the researchers they would probably have given him at most 15-17 for pace i bet
  15. What happened to the 20s???

    What do you mean not representative in football games?? I am a sprinter, and, whether in a football match or not in a football match, the fact is I would have greater pace than Rooney. Granted, I am absolutely awful at football but ASSUMING i was a conference standard player and were represented in the ME I should have a pace (and acceleration) attribute much higher than Rooney's.