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  1. I assume a real time editor, rather than a save editor?
  2. Forgot to add - managed to get friendlies in pre-season with celtic and rangers - brought in a good amount of cash (probably why I'm not getting grief about being over budget on my wages. Beat rangers 1-0 and drew 1-1with celtic - resevre sides but feel this is a great tip for evauating players and generating cash.
  3. My first update of progress - Chesterfield Wasn't sure what to expect in terms of wages and transfer budget - opted for promotion with 20k/20k each. I spent a lot more time setting up this game than I usually do - Released any deadwood and some youth players. Got rid of some staff and replaced them Took some time to look at tactics. Spent much longer looking at transfers. Yes there was a few panic buys but found a few gems. My GK Sidibe is a mali international and has proven to be a good asset. Had to bring in quite a lot of loan players mostly on season loans an a few on shorter deals. TBH I'm feeling the pinch of the 20k wage budget - I will probably try to have a further clear out in Jan wen I have better idea of who I can do without. As you can see, managing to hold on a the top end of the table!
  4. Forgot to say thanks for the info in this thread - you clearly spent a lot of time putting it together. Very impressive!
  5. Just happened upon this thread last night. I was bored with my usual "big team saves" and thought I would give this a try. I've previously looked at LLM threads but find it a bit too purist for me. I started a game pretty much how you described but was at a loss for which team to manage. Pressing the random button gave me Chesterfield which was nice since I did some of my training is Chesterfield and was working there when they had a good cup run about 4-5 years ago. Unfortunately the parents are visiting this weekend so not much will get done until next week - it actually may give me a change to do some "housekeeping" bits like looking more closely at tactics and settings more.
  6. Bit of a crass comment IMO
  7. Littleblue, you are appreciated by the vast, vast majority of users here! Thank you personally for making an already enjoyable game much better. You will always get inconsiderate and utterly stupid people - please don't let this upset you.
  8. Can you please read the thread and see if that answers your question?
  9. If I had any idea how to this, I would try. I haven't any clue so will patiently wait for the release.
  10. Well It works fine for me. Can't see any problems.
  11. It clearly explains this a few posts up.
  12. On a lighter note, well done to all concerned with putting this together. LB is certainly a talented individual to create this and well done to the others who help her share it with us all. Looking forward to the full release.
  13. My reading of it is that the "credit" was for being the official home rather than any credit for programming etc. Fm scout should be credited for being the official home of the programme and this was what was requested as far as I can see. Then again this is just my interpretation.
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