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  1. Lol good one. No just ruined their finances a little more and transferred a few players etc. It actually took a fair bit of trying, they're quite a resilient team who are quite used to being under financial pressures and always seemed to cope.
  2. I play o a macbook pro - it's a 2007/8 model - works with no problems other than the usual skin cache problem I get which i've sorted.
  3. Works fine for me apart from the annual skin cache problem.
  4. Cheating can be fun. I often edit things to get Everton relegated, just for a giggle.
  5. How about collecting your wages and SI games exchanging your saved wages for vouchers for things. E.g. Save £1 million and trade them in to get money off vouchers for meat pies and bovril. It may make the match day experience better. or flat caps and those inside out leather jacket thingies that managers used to wear. or tracksuits with my initials on them.
  6. Just as background, the terms physiotherapist, physio, physical therapist or similar are protected by law. If a person doesnt have a degree in physiotherapy and is not registered with the health professions council, they breaking the law if they call themselves one. In terms of the game, I assume that's why you can't just offer anyone the role of physio. Although saying that I think I once employed Robbie Fowler as a physio. Maybe he complete his training.
  7. The demo is great IMO. Much better than last year. The only problem now is that I have to stop playing as I don't want to go too far with a team on a small database. I will re-start again come the full game. Roll on next friday!
  8. i often sign litmanen. at napoli he was a backup and scored some good goals in the cup matches. managed to sign him for chesterield also. he did so well that some big clubs came in for him and think he went off to milan or somewhere
  9. Time may be limited for me this year as my wife is expecting our first child. however will try and squeeze in a few saves.. 1. Liverpool as always. will havw to edit to retire kenny off first. 2 brasil de pelotas. great team i stumbled across last year 3. fiorentina or napoli 4. maybe a norwegian team as ive been readng a lot of books based in oslo. 5. maybe an unemployed game.
  10. It works on mine. The client at least, FM 20011 has a few teething problems as I mentioned previously.
  11. I will be pre-ordering it through steam. I certainly hope that mac version of the game will work properly this year. Last year I had to delete several files prior to each time started the game (skin cache) otherwise it wouldn't load. I was impressed by steam up to that point. On another point, the amount of mac games available on steam is awful, unless you want to play a farm or traffic management sim!
  12. It always annoyed me when this happened. Usually the chairman would then have a cob on with you because you let the player leave the club.
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