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  1. Building The Squad

    Thanks, fantastic reply I had been watching extended while I tweaked my tactics until I found a set-up that I was happy with, before switching to only commentary just to whizz through games. Seeing your posts make me realise that it's not all about just completing season after season, there is so much more to do behind the scenes that a lot of people don't realise, top work.
  2. Building The Squad

    Great thread, it is a really interesting read. Just out of interest Furiousuk, how do you watch your matches? 2d/3d - full/extended/key? I see you talk a lot about getting to know players, do you find the best way is through watching them, or keeping a track of their stats and ratings?
  3. Competition time!

    Please pick me! Please pick me!
  4. Players Call Meeting

    Yeah, i can't help sorry. Try making a save copy now, just in case someone knows the answer later on - then you can go back to it if you need to?
  5. Players Call Meeting

    Pretty sure that if you go to your captain's player interaction page, there is an option there to set up a meeting. I know this works when a team is going through a poor run of form, not sure if it will work for this instance, worth a try though.
  6. I hope they leave it as it is, I've not noticed any problems at all with one on ones in my three seasons so far!
  7. Same, second season and they are top after 15 games. Everton won the premiership in the first season with tottenham second!
  8. So if the game has been running fine with no crashes so far, is there not much point in getting the patch? Edit: Just been asked, sorry. Edit 2: Not been answered yet, so the question still stands
  9. [RELEASED] GillsMan's New Injuries Model

    This looks brilliant, thanks! Without meaning to sound rude, are there any plans for an updated version of this in the future or is it a one-off. Just for the fact that I'm not going to have much time playing FM over the next couple of weeks so I'm not sure whether to download it now or wait in case there is a new update later.
  10. Honestly, not noticed any of those. Perhaps you are looking too hard for bugs?
  11. Also need some help, missed the whole of the uefa cup because fixtures and results never came up for it - forgot it even existed! I'm now currently missing the world cup unless I go manually to the screens because I can't get screen flow to work, even though I've set it to show fixtures/results when they are completed. Anyone with some advice?
  12. Dont be stupid, read the quote below.
  13. To the people who think the one-on-ones aren't being scored enough: Are you watching in 2d or 3d? It could just be an animation issue if it is in 3d, I've been watching in 2d and even when strikers are through on goal, if they are going away from goal or have had a heavy touch, I don't expect them to score. Maybe this isn't being conveyed into 3d?
  14. Spend the 60 million on the worst player you can find.
  15. Takeovers!

    Thanks, hope that is the case.