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  1. Stuart Armstrong. Granted ive only just started my first real save yesterday, but playing as a basic CM (Su) with high pressing, moves into a channels, and long shots, he is immense.
  2. Absolutely deserved. Although youll need need to sign Roberts too!
  3. I got Jordan Ferri pretty cheaply in my save. Playing very well, scores some crackers too
  4. For the first time in a LONG time, I just won the league on the last game of the season. my 2nd season policy of selling big and loaning youth or buying SPL players backfired massively. 5th in December. Nearly sacked. Spent big in Jan and won league. Pre season 2018 another £30m sale. This time Predrag Rajkovic. I have a young French kid Kamara ready to step in hopefully! Got a day off work Wednesday so will try and take some screenshots.
  5. Quick one McGougan - Why does the first sentence say Welcome BACK Brendan?
  6. It's definitely made it more fun and challenging. For instance I'm not walking the league. Didn't do treble in first season, a few draws and a few defeats but feels much more authentic
  7. Good start. On the subject of Forrest - I play a similar structure to yourself, and with Roberts having left at end of season 1, I found dropping the right side position to MR (winger) and putting Forrest there has worked very well. Gives him space in behind to run at, and he's chipping in with a few goals too.
  8. Been waiting for this mate. This year I have really tried to embrace the ethos of getting in youngsters to sell on for mega money. It's a tad more realistic than last years save when I won the UCL 3 times in a row. Tierney - Sold to Liverpool first Jan window for £23m. They were interested, he went unhappy, played hardball and they stumped up. Still a bit gutted but it is what it is. Griffiths - Sold to West Brom first Jan window for £7.5m. Dembele was unreal so didn't feel the need to keep him. Dembele - Start of second season. He scored 50 goals first season and Man City etc sniffing round. Negotiated with Dortmund to £35m. Had to take it! Even though I'm getting all this cash in. I'm enjoying the realistic approach of getting it in and trying not to just go out and spend it all. Feels rewarding.
  9. Good OP Id love to tell you how I'm getting on but I sold Tierney first Jan window. He wanted to go to Liverpool and I got them up to £23m. Couldn't say no. Dembele is an absolute beast. In Jan a Prem club (can't remember who) put a £7.5m bid in for Griffiths. With the form of Dembele I said yes, no brainer.
  10. Kieran Tierney - First Jan transfer window I sold him to Liverpool for £23m
  11. I've just went back to this save but back to before I won the CL etc. Start of 2nd season. After my 3rd CL in a row I went to arsenal and it was crap. Going to go back and concentrate on some of the players I let go ie. Harry Souttar & Janko
  12. Well done DKB. I've went a bit mental and signed Alexis Sanchez as I wanted a world class profile player.
  13. It's worth noting that although I've had success at CL after being nearly men, I've only won the treble once. Find trying to rest players difficult
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