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  1. Thanks mate. It is a bit annoying.
  2. Hi guys, In my game, Alex McLeish was sacked by Birmingham at the end of the season, but two months on (mid-July), when I look at the Job Security page, his assistant Andy Watson is listed as manager but with his status 'Under Review'. Could understand if it was mid-season and he was being given a few weeks as caretaker, but starting to fear this is a bug. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  3. Official Rate My Team FM08 Thread

    New GK, CM, ST 7/10 </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Thanks for having a look. I thought I'd need a new striker too, but Beattie's got 9 in 11 Premiership games.
  4. Official Rate My Team FM08 Thread

    West Brom, season two, Premiership GK - Mariusz Pawelek (Wisla Krakow, £50k) RB - Alan Hutton (Rangers £8m) LB - David Murphy (Hibs £3m) CB - Francisco Modesto (Monaco, Free) CB - Matthew Upson (West Ham, £2.3m) RM - James Morrison LM - Damien Duff (Newcastle, £1.8m) CM - Alexey Smertin (Fulham, £500k) CM - Paul Hartley (Celtic, £500k) CM - Lee Bowyer (West Ham, Free) ST - Craig Beattie
  5. Absolutely agree with everything in the first post. I love the game, really enjoying it, but the news inbox needs an overhaul. In fact, it was fine before so I don't know why it was changed.