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  1. My New Football Manager Trailer

    I did not expect this to be so good. From every aspect, it was totally professional! Great Work!
  2. I try to max out what my board allows.
  3. A Win Button

    I save before every game and right after it, just in case there is a crash dump
  4. A flare in the stadium

    LOL, I had to replay it, just to make sure it was there, when I first saw it!
  5. unfortunately he dropped 1 point JCA and 2 in JPA. He had 20 on both when I signed him
  6. I jus had a 40 year old scout drop 2 atribute points. Has this ever happened to you? what can I do to prevent it?
  7. What do you think s the most bugged version of the last few years? Im mean fresh out of the box, before any patches were made available.
  8. Thanks, but im actually refering to te scouting reports when you send scouts out on a scouting assigment. Normally you get them on a monthly basis, and since I have 12 scouts, I ten to get a lot of emails. Any way to filter this out?
  9. Is there anyway to stop getting te scouting reports in your inbox? Any help is much appreciated. Thank you
  10. Agreed. Injury time almost always goes a minute or two of what it is intended.
  11. Sales of FM11

    People always say they are not buying this year, and Im pretty sure sales rise with each new version.