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  1. I played against Arsenal in the qualifications and went tho to that cup with 3 teams. I kind of don't know if i like that system or not. It's different and it kinda fun but the real Champions League format with 4 teams i fun too! U decide.
  2. Yes, it works. Was wrong. Have played a season with Man city and it looks good so far!
  3. Sorry, it gets stuck at 29 juli 2013... is not playable.
  4. Demon

    [FM14] - Become a Pro!

    Player Information First name: Bilgehan Last Name: Baran Nickname (optional): DOB: DD/MM City of Birth: Nationality: Sweden Second Nationality (optional): Height (CM): 184 Weight (KG): 83 Favourite clubs (optional): AIK, Arsenal, Chelsea Disliked clubs: (optional): Galatasaray Favourite personnel (optional): Arsene Wenger, Jose Mourinho, Mesut Özil, Emre Belözoğlu Disliked personnel (optional): Graham Souness Player data Contracted Club (leave blank to be a free agent): AIK Preferred position: Striker Preferred foot: Right Preferred squad number: 10 3 x Technical Attributes: Finishing, First Touch, Versatility 3 x Mental Attributes: Anticipation, Composure, Determination 3 x Physical Attributes: Acceleration, Stamina, Agility 3 x Bonus attributes: Work Rate, Consistency, Off The Ball Personality (highlight 2 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Adaptability Ambition Controversy Loyalty Pressure Professionalism Sportsmanship Temperament Preferred Moves (highlight 3 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Shoots With Power Tries Killer Balls Often Plays Short Simple Passes Gets Forward Whenever Possible Moves Into Channels Gets Into Opposition Area Runs With Ball Through Center Runs With Ball Down Right Runs With Ball Down Left Places Shots Curls Ball Likes to Round Keeper Likes to Try To Break Offside Trap Argues with Officials Likes to Lob Keeper Plays No Through Balls Dwells On Ball Arrives Late In Opposition Area Tries To Play Way Out Of Trouble Stays Back At All Times Dives Into Tackles Does Not Dive Into Tackles Hits Freekicks With Power Runs With Ball Often Runs With Ball Rarely Shoots From Distance Avoids Using Weaker Foot Tries Long Range Free Kicks Cuts Inside Comes Deep To Get Ball Hugs Line Looks For Pass Rather Than Attempting To Score Marks Opponent Tightly Plays With Back To Goal Possesses Long Flat Throw Stops Play Plays One-Twos Dictates Tempo Tries First Time Shots Atttempts Overhead Kicks Knocks Ball Past Opponent Tries Long-Range Passes Likes to Switch Ball To Other Flank Ethnicity options: North African/Middle Eastern Hair Color options: Black
  5. Hey! In the Classic mode - I would like it if I could "level". Explination: If I train Arsenal and get fired after 3 years I would like to create a new manager profile and take over Arsenal the day I get fired. And with this new profile manager I would like to keep my stats from the previous 3 years/previous manager profile. This way I could "level" myself up and see my own historiy and stats, like how many times I've been fired, titles and so on... Thanks
  6. You know what's not happening a lot? When a through ball is set to a striker and the keeper sweeps it away. (Sometimes makes misstakes). It happens a lot more IRL than in FM.
  7. You need - Younger players when game starting. You need to scout the biggest clubs what the players are in the U17 teams. This will make the game more "floaty". A longer flow in the game. When you are playing today the rush and the flow goes away to early. Most players are retired after 10-13 years. - And develop the classic mode with: -That you can save your history if you get fired from a club with your first character. Then when you get your second character you can add the previous history to the new one. So you can create a new manager and take over the club you just got fired from again. It adds "levels" to the game, if you understand what Im talking about.
  8. If you are a good manager with a good reputation after winning a lot of trophys, then the fans should support your action you take in the club. I know better then them if I need to sell a player. And dont make the game go to much "The Sims". Those players will leave he game after 1 month. They will see the game as GTA, COD, Battlefield etc and not an Thinking game. Don't support the masses, take care of the core fans.
  9. Why is there no "Defensive controlling of the ball" as an option?. Like if I lead 2-0 and are Chelsea and playing versus Reading at home, I want to be able to choose "controlling the ball but not attacking so much". I guess I can change it myself with the classical tactics tho.
  10. We need more 2D grapics when using to build our new formation before the game - in "tactic" section. I wanna see it start from the goalkeeper in left and then in front of him (to the right) is my defenders then midfields and then attackers. All start from left to right on the screen. Can you make that happend?
  11. Let's say I get this player for free in january when his contracts end in june, then I will get him for free in June. Ok good. But I would love if I could talk with the other club for a transfer right now in january AFTER that the player accepted my offer. The release fee should not be high as it would be before, becouse he already has signed for my club. I hope you understand what I am talking about.
  12. I agree with the people that want to see more from the media. Media plays a very big role in modern football and just a news Item that I just won the Champions League or Premier League with example Portsmouth or Oxford or whatever low ranked team there is, is not enough. And players should want to play more games if they dont play enough for an upcoming World cup or a Euro Cup.
  13. How much tv-money does the turkish clubs get now?
  14. More talking in the press why a manager leaved, maybe a press conferens or what so ever. But let the press speculate why a manager left or gor fired.