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    Chairman of the Lee Johnson appreciation society!!


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    Boxing, FMH, Grand theft auto

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    Bristol City
  1. I have reported him just in case.
  2. How much money do i have left in the kitty? for anyone who is doing the budget stuff.
  3. Why did you post in the thread then?
  4. 2 questions!

    it is only the league cup after all, we got beat by Crewe. And now we have Portsmouth away and are gonna get absolutely tanked probably.
  5. 4million for Giggs Ridley? Last gasp attempt at a deal by Nerner, of Bristol City.
  6. O.K, sorry i couldn't have made it quicker, but it will be up by tomorrow.
  7. Ideas for FMH10

    Good ideas there, i think at the end of each season you should see a summary of best and worst buys for the whole division, like on the PC version.
  8. Good to hear that Marc, will look forward to it.
  9. No, it annoyed me that as soon as i had made my legends updates, they appeared on neo almost instantly, and the guy who posted them actually claimed them as his own! The cheek of it!
  10. Yeah, but everyone was talking about football, and i didn't want to look stupid.
  11. Going off topic, but what a player (ping-pong)
  12. But the scottish buy the second highest numbers of the games after England, so that doesn't work, as they always play to the fans.
  13. 13mil for Fraizer Campbell
  14. Ideas for FMH10

    Exactly, they should add a post game review section which goes through all the action that was said on the original commentary.