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  1. Brian Clough and Nigel Clough...
  2. Lovenkrands was immense on this game too! And Kristiansen (sp?)
  3. I've been playing football manager 2010 since it came out, now I'm bored of my current game, and I was thinking about starting a journeyman career, but see it as pointless seeing as 2011 will be out soon, anyone got any ideas? I'm a United fan, but find playing as them too easy. Cheers
  4. I'm happy with WBA team!
  5. This could turn out to be a risk, but im sticking with Avram Grant, and could you also give him an extra 10mil to the transfer budget, would make it 14mil
  6. Come on Avram, turn it around!
  7. Name: Jono Chosen Manager: Marcello Lippi Team name: Easy FC
  8. Hitman, stop improving people mate, it'll just confuse everyone
  9. We have a new setup to make it easier, everyone check the OP soon
  10. We're talking about it now, think we've found a fair solution
  11. Majority, its the draft taking place that will be most difficult. we'll set a date and if some people can't make it, thats just unfortunate
  12. That'll be fine liverbird, we've got to do a time when the majority of people aren't at work or college or whatever
  13. Nah, 23 players are going to be chosen, by the way, it is optional to choose 23 players, you can choose 11 if you want