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  1. Of course I don't have it. Why would I make screenshots of this nonsense? Does this mean I lied or exagerated? Pff, I can approach that balkan guy again, if you want, and throw you some screenshots. Rest of the cases I simply can't reproduce. Yet again, with the level of photoediting these days it won't prove anything.. You still playing the same game dude. Go try it yourself. Try signing a talented player from say South America. A lot of Argentinian, Brazilian itc young prospect playing these days in Europe. Go check check these deals, it mostly $500k-5m transfers, with rare exception. Now go buy any somewhat talented youngster from SA, not talking about next Messi level guys. AI would ask $15-30m+ for a kid valued at $90k, even if he is at his 16's, not known at all and their club scouts are amazingly terrible so there's no way they could have know that this guy got any potential. It's not the case mate. I've encountered this situation countless times with other players, it's always like this. Anyways, even if we assume my scout were wrong (still he got 19 Judging Player Potential and I thoughtfully scouted this player with all my scouting pool before approaching, like I always do) do you think this low ranked balkan club (not sure it was a even a first league) have better scouts then I do? So they surely knew this guy gonna be a superstar I doubt it... And like andu1 said I severely doubt that any balkan club would ever refuse 50 millions for a 17 yo unknown kid under any circumstances. Talking about balkans, just an example from recent years: Genk bought Milinkovic-Savic in 2014 from Serbian club Vojvodina for pity €400k and despite the fact he was already known as great young prospect back then. Year later, in 2015, Lazio bought him from Genk for pity €4m, to this moment he was wide known as an amazing talent and already proved himself with 5 goals in his first season. He is a CM.. And these days he is valued at €90m+. Lazio almost sold him to Real Madrid for around €120m this summer... Now good luck reproducing such deal in FM.. try to buy any known talent of this caliber for below €70-80 mills...
  2. I'm not ready to criticize ME yet. Surprisingly I see some improvements this years, but many many flaws too already. But the transfer system.. I mean it's been like this for ages, but this year it is especially bad. - Most of the times you can't sell a player, who spent a great season, even for his value. My winger is at 27, made 14 assists and scored 9 goals. We won a league. He still costs pity $42 mil, but still I can't sell him even for 30.. best offer were 16 in 3 instalments plus some useless bonuses. Pff. And it's not something about this certain player, it's just an example. The whole systems works like this. But when you trying to buy something.. - Some relatively talented youngster 17, from some balkan league, with 3 stars, really nothing special. Millions miles away from being possible star in the future. He costs 350k. Guess what? AI asking $96 millions for him. And nah, AI won't agree even for 50, I made an offer just for testing purposes. I don't know what to say here. And yeah, every deal involving young player AI demands 50% of the profit of next sale as a must. Every single deal. So terribly realistic. I don't see many real world transfers with such dumb clause, tbh I can't recall even single one. - Last thing that frustrated me to the point that I don't want to launch FM anymore.. I agreed a transfer, about $3.8m for a pretty average player, I just needed him for a squad depth purposes. He play for a low rep team, who just promoted from lower league, moreover he had no playing time there, so he was extremely interested in joining. When contract talks started, suddenly he demanded $4,8m singing on fee (almost 3 times of his market value and more than whole transfer).. salary of $4m (he earn $377k in his current club) plus $2.5m as agent fee and of course tons of other bonuses. I had a good laugh, but I still tried to negotiate this nonsense deal, I just lowered singing on fee to $2m and salary to $3m, not touching anything else.. and guess what? He stormed out and don't want to talk with me anymore. Okay... - And yeah, some time before this last drop that made me quit the game for uncertain period of time, I tried to sign De Ligt from Ajax. Guess what, before I approached this guy, nobody even cared about him. But as I made a bit, suddenly like 6-7 top rated clubs made their bids too. No news here tho, it worked like this for many years. The thing that actually killed me here is the fact that they sold him to Chelsea for $36m with no other clauses (I checked), yet they asked $56m +50% of future transfer fee from me. Not a penny less. Amazing. Now tell me transfer system is not biased towards player. And tons and tons of other BS. Seriously, after so many years of transfer system being in such awful state, they somehow managed to made it even worse this year.
  3. Well, when people are saying 'players not listening to orders' .. 'all goals are following same pattern' .. 'defensive players are dumb and slow to react to anything' .. 'players shooting it terrible and unrealistic and they keep missing the goal from very close range' itc itc - I tend to trust them, because I experienced that myself in previous versions so many times. So.. Sure I understand that people come here just to complain, when things not going their way. But still I see ME has the same old problems, because of which I quit the game..
  4. Heh. I skipped last 3 or 4 FM editions, because.. you know, terrible ME, that just getting worse for year to year. Today I had a moment of weakness, I wanted to buy FM18 for some reason, haha. But me are smart! I came here to read some opinions and was amazed by amount of negative feedback, it's seem even worse than in previous years.. Thank you guys for saving me some money.
  5. I'm going to tell you a secret. Though we are in 2016, the majority of goals in this ME still comes from winger crosses and following the same old pattern. I mean one winger crossing and other winger scores from the close range. So, to be a successful manager and win stuff easy all you need is to use say on the right wing fast guy with good crossing and probably vision and on the other wing just a tall and strong bobby guy with decent heading and finishing, he don't have to be great, just above 12 or something. That's it. You don't need a striker, you don't need a good central midfielders. If you're using crossing guy on the right wing - use exploit the right flank instruction and vice versa. You can also toy with 'pump ball into box', but it's not necessary. Your dummy left winger gonna score 1-3 every game, regardless the opposition or in most cases even tactics.
  6. Aside from other bugs and annoyances I won't talk about yet, I don't understand this game sometimes.
  7. Not a bit of a real feedback in the Official Feedback Thread, is the game really that bad this year? People, please, I want to hear a feedback, not about your technical difficulties..
  8. I'm using attacking tactics. Although I win most of the games, I still concede like 2-4 every match, but.. The thing is, 95% of these goal got absolutely nothing to do with potential 'flaws of my tactics', I mean like I'm being exposed on counterattacks or something. It's mostly a silly long shots or corner/cross tap-ins while my defenders are stoned. That's the point. It's not about tactics. Or.. the ME just can't properly simulate the counterattacks, through balls itc, but it still thinks my team should concede cause of attacking tactics, so ME just implements these goals the way I described above. Aww, wish my english were better, so I can explain it more clear.
  9. Pretty realistic score for a cup final eh ? Started a new Serie A save after the hotfix, generally seeing too much goals per game.
  10. I don't have any screenshots since I rage quit and didn't save the game . Ofc not all 50 were on target, but most of them. Actually I posted screenshots of similar issue in 15.1.3 feedback thread..
  11. Well, I was kinda impressed at first. I saw much more various attacking plays through the center. But after few games I just rage quit. I was on 17 games record breaking unbeaten run, with 2 last games won 7-1 and 6-0. First game I lose 1-4 to 13 placed Sampdoria, one goal from winger cross, my defenders just didn't react. And 3 silly scremers from outside the box from players with >10 long shots attribute. I had 58% possesion, 33 shots and 11 on target, still I scored just once, from a penalty kick. Next game was a cup game, against some Serie B team, I had like 50 shots, I can't recall now, still I didn't score. They had 2 shots on target and scored scripted lucky goal from the corner on 87 minute. Pretty familiar pattern, isn't it? Next game was against Fiorentina at home, again I dominated and attacked a lot, scored just once.. from the corner. Went counterattacking tactics, conceded three silly goals (my top quality defender suddenly became a sunday league amateurs) on 88, 90, 93. I don't know, honestly I don't see any improvements in defenders reactions, I'd say it actually got worse. Most probably my tactics, tho.. So I won't complain much. Maybe I'll give it another try after few days..
  12. In my current save Juve never won Serie A in 11 seasons. First season they finished 5th, behind Sampdoria and Atalanta.. Second season they finished 2nd, this was their best achievement. Next few seasons they were sitting around 3-7 places. But when most of their current squad got old they became a mid table club. Last two seasons they were 11th and 14th as I remember. Terrible AI team building is to blame..
  13. Heh.. no they didn't. The opposite team are so bad, I can hardly call it professional, its players barely had any attribute above 10. All my attack and midfield players literally sat in their 6 yard box for entire second half.. Ball just won't go into the net. And again I'm not saying ME is scripted.. it just seems to have some elements that preventing free flowing simulation in some cases.
  14. Competitive or friendly? Did you watch the game? I dont think thats the case . My players kept attacking like there's no tomorrow.
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