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  1. Thou shalt always adjust the sliders on the budget screen to get more wages or transfer fee.
  2. Ha! I loved the feature, felt more like being a proper manager being given a video reel of some unknown 18 year old. Pointless as in, not a new or different game mechanic, just aestetically and environmentally more engaging.
  3. Thou shalt always hold a team meeting and talk passionately, even if the players disagree with you.
  4. Uber bump... I think I'd like to see Agent Videos return for 2016! Pointless but better than just being offered a set of numbers on the current scout reports.
  5. What's the rationale behind Sanchez closing down more? I'd be tempted for him to close down less or much less, so that when the ball breaks from the midfield or defence, from a failed opponent attack he would be in more space and not up against the player he is looking to mark. Just a thought anyway.
  6. Eccentricity can be high... but take a pass at the ones that also have poor decisions.
  7. I've been exploring the option of using a dual boot Laptop to run FM15 via Linux. I have zero experience of Linux, but many years of building my own PC's etc. so consider my self pretty tech and software savvy. Does anyone have any experience of this? And would moving to Linux improve performance of FM15 over say Windows 7 Home edition? What are good distributions for a newbie looking for speed rather than features? I would still like to watch matches in 3D mode. My PC is a modest i7-2630Q(M?), NVIDIA 520, 8GB RAM, running the 64-bit version of W7 Home. Cheers
  8. No but I've found me chips....* *Sorry couldn't resist even though i know you mean ME (Match Engine)
  9. Yep turned it on and off again in both the preferences screen and the match day engine. Not working for me again, the same as the original Beta, but it was working after the first patch.
  10. Text is still very blurred in 1366 x 780 resolution (my laptop native) 1280 v 780 seems best but has annoying aspect ratio problems. Any fix for the distored text?
  11. Auto-hiding the match bar has stopped working again. It was fixed on the last patch but not in this one. But on a positive note the widgets are now sticky *thumbs up*
  12. Got a slight problem with text crispness. It looks all washed out and could do with being sharper. Tried a couple of desktop tweaks but no joy anything else I can do?
  13. Well my Stafford Rangers game is going a lot better than with the Hemel Hempstead or the Lowestoft attempts. I think I've finally gotten to grips with FM13 now. Top of the BSN with a game in hand in January. I've finally understood how effective pressing and standing off can be, never used to bother in FM12! haha! I'll update once I've completed the season later tonight.
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