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  1. Transfer budget and money in the bank are different. You need money in the bank for other stuff so that might be why the transfer budget is 0. The player is valued at 27m. You've transfer listed him, so you're telling other teams you want a quick sale. They've offered nearly 7m. He's on a high salary which they can't afford but you're saying you want a quick sale so they're offering to take him if you help with salary. What's your concern?
  2. A public advisement. Not a definitive let's do it vote. I'm just saying, if things get added to the game because it's likely to happen in the future, that opens up a lot of scope to add other things.
  3. I'm just saying, we don't know for sure, dates aren't official, we might end up remaining. If we're going to put unknown things in the game, why not this?
  4. I think it's very important not to confuse poor management, low confidence and low morale at Man United with their players having poor talent. I don't see how anyone can argue that Uniteds players aren't talented. Just because they have had a poor start to a season, that doesn't necessarily change their skills or hidden attributes. I'm not sure if FM has the concept of a managers style having widespread effects on players but that's what this is, I think. It would be unfair to reduce Uniteds players generally as I have a feeling that they'd be playing much better in different circumstances, and we've seen evidence of this in certain games when Mourinho abandones his plan A.
  5. That's exactly my point. If I scored 4 in the first half (chasing 6 in total), and the opposition changed their tactics and I fail to adapt, that's totally fine. I accept that as part of the game and I'm fine with that. However, if, at half time, winning 4-0, the opposition don't make changes and basically everything else stays the same BUT some artificial code dictates that my players should lose motivation and should rest and take it easy, then I have a problem with that. The first is in my control to overcome. The second isn't, and is just the game putting some arbitrary overlay onto the match which isn't in my control and isn't properly reflective of the situation. That's the question I need answered.
  6. Your club would still pay it, which may drop your overall bank balance into the red.
  7. I'm still struggling with the question of "what footballer, no matter what stats, motivation, morale, personality etc would get to 4-0 up, in a game where we have to win 6-0, and then take it easy?". Its not as if the win is confirmed. Its not a one off game. There's a bigger picture. Every single footballer on earth would give it his all until the team was winning.
  8. What personality type will be 4-0 up in a game they have to win 6-0, and decide to just take it easy? Just so I can be on the lookout for players that shouldn't even be playing football.
  9. I would suggest it should be possible to scout the player when he's playing against you! Your scout can just come to your own game!
  10. Of course. And I'll give them an appropriate team talk. My point was, I hope there isn't an artifical piece of code that makes my team go easy, or preserve energy, despite my team talk asking them to keep it up, and despite any tactical changes I might make to counter their defensive style. I hope the code doesn't overwrite that by saying "you're winning easily, let's take it easy now". That was my point.
  11. That's fine if they go more defensive. I expect that. I just said I hope my players don't take it easy just because the game thinks the match is won. There might be loads of reasons I want to keep scoring so I hope the game recognises this and my players stay at a high level. I'm expecting an opposition change. I'm not expecting my team to try less!
  12. I had to win a game 6-0 once to get through in Europe, after a particularly bad first leg. I was 4-0 up at half time and it finished 4-0. I hope there wasn't an artifical setting activated where my players took it easy, instead of recognising the situation!
  13. Why don't you setup a network game, and have 2 managers unemployed and 1 in charge of the team and every few months, resign and someone else takes over. You can set the auto continue to a few seconds. That way, you can all monitor progress in real time and mock them in real time.
  14. Do you have any details of a plan? This isn't aimed at you, but I keep reading conceptually what I need to do, such as "you need a plan", but I'd love some more concrete specific advice.
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