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  1. It's not in the contract, but the playing position is, so they've breached the contract, right?
  2. On point 3, surely not following the terms of the loan deal is grounds for termination?
  3. This is FM19 though, do people still think they are bugs? Or just me misunderstanding something?
  4. 1. I keep getting a news article saying "we have room for another coach" or "my u23s could do with another sports scientist". When I offer the suggested people contracts, I always get the transfer cancelled as we've hit staffing limits. So, why is it suggested I sign them then? 2. As Man United, I tried to sign some Argentine player but he got declined a work permit. I looked to see if I could have an affiliate club but got rejected due to my position in the league. I'm currently 4th in my first season. That seems an odd reason. Surely its just a financial decision? 3. I loaned a player out with a clause to play him in a MC position. I got a news article to say he was being played in a AMC position and I should talk to the manager. I did and he basically said he doesn't care. There wasn't an option to recall him. Surely, if the terms of the deal aren't being met, I can cancel the deal? 4. I'm on a 13 game winning streak. Playing really well. I get an inbox item to say "if you switch to cautious, it'll help to get a better result in the next game". Why do they think that when I'm clearly doing OK my way? 5. I normally play a midfield two of Pogba and Ndidi. One is a DLP and one is a BBM. I sometimes get advice to drop Ndidi in favour of Pogba. That doesn't even make sense. 6. There doesn't appear to be anyone in the database with good Leadership skills. I signed Tiernay who had 18 and the day after I signed him, I had a suggestion to make him captain! If I go into player search, and filter by Leadership at 20, there's no one. At 19, it's only a few 35 year olds. There's no players aged under 25 with a Leadership rating of 12+. Is that a bit odd? Or does it not show up for some reason? 7. I got a new batch of youngsters come in and Nicky Butt told me he'd brought through a player in his mould. He was a goalkeeper? That seemed odd. 8. Is it just me or does the game stop too frequently? If I don't have a game for a week, and it's outside the transfer window, I don't need to stop every day. Just stop for big things like injuries but otherwise, just jump straight to the next match day. Can I enable that setting somewhere?
  5. One thing that often confuses me - is it OK to ignore the game's recommendation of a player's best role and position? For example, Pogba isn't rated highly as a VOL, but your write-up suggests he could be good there. Why doesn't the game think he'd be good there?
  6. Yes I can, that's perfect. I was trying to built in on pcspecialist by adding the components and it was getting £1300+. That spec looks ideal, thanks for finding it for me. Last question (promise!), do you trust cyberpowersystem? I've never heard of it. In a perfect world, I'd get it off Amazon for peace of mind if anything goes wrong. I trust your opinion on here though. Do you think it's OK?
  7. I can't see how to customise the i7 one. I'll keep trying to find out how I can, thanks for your help.
  8. Yeah from what I can tell, the differences is i5 vs i7, and 8GB RAM v 16Gb RAM. What do you feel is more important?
  9. @Smurf I saw you recommend https://www.box.co.uk/9S7-17F212-252-16GB-MSI-GF75-Thin-9SC_2759297.html earlier in this thread. With a budget of £1,000, would you say your link or Jordan's link is a better buy?
  10. Compared to the £600 laptop you commented on above, do you think I'd notice the difference?
  11. I have a budget of £1000 to spend. It's not my money so I'm happy to spend all of it. It's a scheme through work where I can get any laptop up to £1000 and they will give it back to me. I'm assuming any laptop at that price will do all the work stuff I need (Office, Visio, Project, large Excel data sets) so I guess FM will be the most intensive thing I'll run on it. Does anyone have any recommendations for laptops at that price? I want to get the most for the money to ensure its as future proof as possible. Thanks
  12. Sounds like FM19 fixed the bug that used to exist.
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