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  1. Yeah my problem is that I take the in game prompts at face value. Green circle must be good, right? That sort of thing. I also choose things that make sense, so if I want to be direct and attacking, I'll choose Attacking mentality and Direct team instructions, but then people say "that's overkill, you've made it too direct". Well, if it's wrong, why did you let me select it? There's no option to tell the players to only run backwards, because that would be wrong. So why can I combine things that make it hugely overkill? It might be helpful to say "you've selected this, so you don't need to also select this", or at least to say "you've selected this, this makes x and y higher so you can add extra on top if you want but it's already at this level". For example, watching Man United at Brighton last night. In my limited knowledge, it looked like De Gea was a normal goalkeeper, the two centre backs were normal, the two fullbacks were attacking wing backs who always created an overlap, Matic was a defensive midfielder who stayed back, Pogba I guess was a box to box midfielder, and Fernandes seemed to be a playmaker. Rashford looked like an inside forward as he was wide but not as wide as Shaw. Greenwood looked a bit wider, maybe a winger but he obviously cut inside a lot too. Maybe another inside forward. Martial seemed to hold his position so maybe an advanced forward. So, I'd have a GK, two CD Def, two WB A, a DM Def, a BBM Supp, and AP Supp, maybe a IF A for Rashford and a IF S for Greenwood (although they could be swapped around) and a AF A for Martial. I'd probably go for wide play with overlapping fullbacks. I guess the mentality was Positive or Attacking - they certainly dominated the game. They seemed to have possession (like the huge number of passes leading to the first goal), and at the same time, do pretty direct counter attacks (like the third). So I'd want them to play both. Not sure how I'd select counter attacking and possession instructions. I guess high tempo too, they seemed pretty energetic in the game. Definitely not sluggish tempo. They pressed really high, so I'm thinking a high LOE and a high DL. But saying that, I never really saw Brighton get in behind so maybe a normal DL. Counter and Counter Press seem valid, and I guess Shorter Passing was what they were doing, as well as exploiting the flanks. De Gea seemed to roll it out to centre backs so that's an option to select. I would go through all these things and I'm pretty sure I'd get smashed apart in FM. How do people know what options to select which sound right, and which other ones not to select, because even though they sound right, they cause an imbalance?
  2. OK, let's go back to basics. Try and learn from scratch. Now everyone is back from injuries, my best players are Lloris Rose Alderweireld Vertonghen Aurier Neves (DLP best role) Milijovevic or Gueye (BWM best role) Allan (BBM best role) Son (AML) Moura (AMR) Kane Based on those players, I thought a 433 might be best - either a 4123 or 4213 as you can see from my screenshots. If I play with a AMC, that's where Alli and Eriksen would come in. I wanted to be the team in possession against lesser teams, dominate them, be on the front foot. Like Liverpool. Press them high, win the ball, break quickly, use Son/Moura/Kane to link up and play one of them through. If they cant win the ball early, then one of the two combative midfielders would win it (BBM or BWM) and Neves would help distribute it to the front 3. If we had the ball from the back, then obviously there's no quick turnaround, so we could maintain possession in the midfield and then look wide to the pace players and the overlaps before crossing to Kane, the opposite winger and the BBM coming forward. If I was playing a AMC, I could do the wide play as described, but also feed it through the middle and let the creative Eriksen pick some through balls to one of the other 3. Against tough teams, I'd probably stick to the DM rather than AM, and look to soak up pressure before breaking quickly. I doubt I'd dominate those games and be able to keep possession easily, so counter attacking seems sensible. I'd want Neves picking the ball up and looking immediately for the wide players. They can dribble the ball up the pitch and look to play in other players. If we lose it, we've still got at least the BWM and Neves back behind the ball to support the defence. That was all I had in my head. I don't know if it's right. I'm guessing not, since that's what I've tried to do and it hasn't worked. But if anyone could pick apart my ideas and give me a few pieces of wisdom, that would be awesome
  3. It's so confusing. Like if I play someone as a CM Attack, that means something different if my mentality, tempo, LOE, etc is set to x, but there's no description of what's different. I was playing one game, and I was losing 1-0 so in the 70th minute, I changed the drop down thing from Balanced to Attacking, because, you know, I wanted to score! Apparently, Attacking doesn't always mean attacking, depending on other stuff. I had less possession, less shots and less highlights on Attacking than I did on Balanced. I just can't get my head around what any of the stuff means, let alone in combination. It feels like I go into games with a random collection of things ticked, hoping I've lucked into the particular winning combination for this game.
  4. I'm been trying to get back into FM19 after a break, and I wanted to finally figure out how to make my own tactic. Up until now, with 19, and also with 15 and 17, I relied on downloadable plug and play tactics. I did enjoy squad building and developing youth, but the tactics side was entirely downloaded, and I felt a bit exploitative. I'm pretty sure they worked too well. I went into every game assuming I'd win. It didn't really feel like an achievement. I leave almost everything to my assistant - press conferences, training, team talks, opposition instructions, etc. I feel like the risk of me selecting the wrong thing is too high. But, as a new dad, with countless long sleepless nights, I've got back into FM19, and decided to try and figure out how the game actually works, and build my own tactics at the very least. So far, I'm finding it impossible. I've read loads of things in the Tactics forum, such as the Pairs and Combinations guide, and I seem to have followed all the principles. But even with a good Tottenham side, I end up losing 3 or 4-0 to Brighton, Huddersfield, Leicester, and getting totally smashed by the bigger teams. I post for help, and the thing people say to me is "what style of football do you want to play, and why do you want to play like that?". That's my problem. I've no idea. For example, with Tottenham, I want to pick the players I've heard of, and that seem to match real life. So, maybe Kane up front, and then maybe an Eriksen or Alli behind him. Maybe Son on the wing with Lamela. In midfield, maybe a Dier in a defensive position, and a Sissoko type for going box to box. In defence, all I really know is there's 4 guys - 2 central, and 2 fullbacks. That's the extend of my knowledge. I've no idea if Kane is a Complete Forward or Advanced Forward or DLF. He's just a forward, right? In real life, he drops deep to collect the ball and get involved with the passing, but every striker does that occasionally? That's not a thing I need to tell him, he's a professional footballer, he'll get involved how he sees fit. Not sure if that makes him a DLF or not? Son seems to start wide, and run inside, so maybe a Inside Forward? But then he will stay wide and run down the byline and get crosses in, depending on the situation so he's a Winger sometimes too. I don't really know if he's support or attack. I mean, he's a striker really, so I guess Attack. I do want him to attack. But then, I probably want lots of people to attack. When the situation calls for it, I want him to defend too! I don't want him just standing there watching the opposition fullback power past him. I want him to do both, like a normal footballer. In midfield, I could guess Sissoko is a Box to Box, based on watching him, and Dier is a bit of a tackler, so maybe Ball Winning Midfielder. But then I get criticised for choosing those two, because they don't compliment each other, and I guess they both go off hunting the ball and emptying the midfield. So then I end up just choosing options that are either Green circles, or that someone else has told me works together, and I've no real idea why I'm doing it. Is there an absolute idiots guide to this game, that helps me figure out what style I want? I don't have a style in mind. I don't know how I want to play, and I don't know why I make certain choices, except the fact I've vaguely seen it on TV. How have other people started? How do you approach the game? How do you decide on your style?
  5. @Experienced Defender and @summatsupeer I made a few changes, based on your feedback. The initial formation tweak was to this: It didn't seem to have much impact, I got beat 4-0 at Bournemouth where I only had 2 shots on goal, and then drew 1-1 with West Ham, where they dominated. In one of the games, due to injuries, I had Erikson at AML and Walker-Peters at DR which aren't my preferred players there, but the other game had my first strength team. I tried DLP-S for a bit in games, but couldn't see any difference really. I thought maybe a DM is too passive, so changed to: and that didn't fare much better either. Lost 4-2 at Man United, and drew 1-1 with Southampton, but in every game, the opposition had 15-20 shots on goal, and I had about 5. It seems to make sense to me. I read the Pairs and Combinations thing, and in midfield, there's a Def/Sup/Att trio. On the right, there's a Sup/Att duo, and on the left, I was going to make Davies/Rose a WB-Att but was concerned about conceding even more goals! Can anyone identify what I'm totally missing here!
  6. Thank you for your feedback. Do you mind if I ask for reasons? For example, I had thought that a IF on Attack would be more likely to make runs inside, and the WB Attack would be more likely to run down the wing in a more advanced position, rather than just supporting. With the BBM, I thought this provided a useful way of bolstering the defence, and supporting the attack, as he would do both. A CM Attack would just do the attack part, wouldn't he? Why do you think I should drop tempo? Why would Counter in transition lead to a loss of possession? For example, like Liverpool in real life, they press high up the pitch, win the ball, and counter attack quickly. Is that instruction not what I think it is? Thanks
  7. I've got a test game running at the moment, just to try and figure out tactics and try and understand things a bit better. I've put a few hand-picked players in the squad so don't pay too much attention to the personnel. It's not a legit properly-played game - it's just my test save to try and see how things work. I'm using Tottenham, and trying to get this 4-3-2-1 working I'm trying to have Dier staying back to support the 2 CB's, while the full-backs go forward. I'm trying to get Aurier to overlap Lamela when he cuts inside. I was trying to have Sancho providing pace and width to provide a different attack style to Lamela, and while he stays wide, Allan as the BBM can get forward on that side as a passing option. I didn't want the BBM on the same side as the IF in case they came into each other's space. I thought about having the striker as an Advanced Forward Attack, but felt he might be a bit too isolated, so made him a DLF but on Attack, so he can fashion his own chances, as well as hopefully linking up with Lamela, Allan and Sancho. Neves is there to act as the guy who sees everything, dictates play, passes to all the other options (i.e., receive simple balls from Dier, and ahead of him, he should have Allan making a forward run, Lamela cutting in, Aurier overlapping, Sancho out wide, Rose would be an out ball as well a bit deeper back, or Kane dropping a bit deeper to get a pass). He should have options. My plan was to play with a high tempo to keep the ball moving, and press teams high. The squad has fast players with good stamina, especially with Son comes in, and so it would be beneficial to win the ball higher up the pitch so the LOE is set a bit higher. The two CB's are naturally ball-playing defenders so I've set it to Play Out of Defence as they have the skills to do it. I thought about setting them as BPD's, but thought that might encourage them to be too ambitious, so I set them to CB's, and their natural skills will make them BPD anyway. I thought it all made some sense. It was a side that had pace and creativity on either wing for different attacks, a midfielder providing some defensive help, a midfielder to link the defence and attack, and a midfielder to make the passes. I thought it made sense to combine counter-pressing with a high tempo to force people into mistakes, etc. However, in the 6 league games so far, it's been a bit poor. I concede 2 goals per game to the likes of Brighton, Cardiff, Huddersfield, as well as Man City, Man United and Everton. I won two games 3-2, but lost the other 4. I couldn't even win against Ludrogrets in Europe, getting a 2-2 draw. The stats don't seem to suggest I'm playing well either - often lose possession by 60/40, always have less shots/target than opposition, and they get a lot more highlights than me. My CB's seem to always play long balls which I can't figure out why! Can anyone identify obvious problems with the tactic, and instructions? As I said, I'm using this save to try and figure things out, and understand what works and what doesn't, and take these lessons into a real save shortly. But my logic seems to have hit a brick wall, so people's advice would be great. Thanks
  8. I'm trying my hardest to learn FM19, and I want to talk people through my thought process so people can correct me! I am managing a French National division side. It's two divisions below Ligue 1 I think, so my team is relatively weak. However, within my division, I'm expected to finish 1st, and the board expects that too. The team report says I am strong in first touch, technique, off the ball, composure, concentration, dribbling, vision and creativity, so it sounds like I'm the Arsenal of this division! I have weak pace, acceleration and heading within the squad. So, that makes me initially think we might not be able to blitz people with fast counter attacks. We should probably take advantage of our good composure, dribbling, first touch etc to play a slow possession game? Defensively, there isn't much attacking intent with anyone. I have no ball-playing defenders, and my wingbacks aren't particularly good at crossing. My central defenders are strong, good headers, and good tacklers, and that's it. So I think just normal settings for them. The wide defenders are fast with good stamina, and they all like playing at WB's. I'm not sure if I want 2 WB's so they might just have to live with being FB's. Looking at the rest of my squad, I think I'm definitely Arsenal! I have 6 really good central midfielders who are basically copies of each other. Great passing, first touch, dribbling and vision stats. All 6 are either deep lying playmakers or advanced playmakers. I have 2 left and 2 right wide players. One winger, and one advanced playmaker on each side. Again, no real pace or crossing skills but they have good dribbling, passing, first touch and vision skills. Up front, it's the same story. No pace, just dribbling and passing skills. I have no transfer budget, already over wages, and already have 5 loanees so can't get anymore. Basically, I'm stuck with this squad for a while. I have some really good looking reserves but they are just the same sort of players - DLP's or AP's. So, not totally sure what to do with this team. I think I want: the ability to break teams down, who will probably play defensive against me. use my squad's skills of dribbling and technique and passing - so maybe that's a retain possession style. And I'm guessing that retain possession could help break teams down, by continually probing for ways through. Retain possession is obviously about keeping the ball, so pack the midfield as much as I can. This suggests 3 central midfielders. With a slow build up, I'm hoping the team keep the ball until they find the opening, so goals could come from anywhere - whoever finds themselves free eventually. I don't have much pace or crossing ability, so I'm thinking a DLF to link up with the midfield, and maybe some IF's to take advantage of the Off the Ball skills to run in behind and hopefully the midfield can find them with some clever passes! I'm thinking that the back five are straight forward. For now, it can be a normal GK, two normal CB-Defend, and two FB-Supports. Might tweak one to be a FB-Attack later, but for now, they all seem basic players so they can have basic roles. Since I have 6 central midfielders, we may as well use 3 of them. So, maybe a DM, and two CM's. Or, considering I seem to be the best team in the division, maybe 2 CM's and a AM. The front three suggest being a DLF and two IF's as mentioned. Maybe a DLF-Support for the link up, and the two IF-Attacks running in behind. In terms of other settings, the Positive mentality seemed to fit, as I will probably be the favourite in most matches. The In Possession settings seemed to fit as well. Shorter Passing, Work Ball into Box and Lower Tempo to encourage the possession to be retained and use the vision, passing, first touch skills to keep probing for openings. The Run at Defence might be slightly at odds with the possession instruction, but our dribbling skills are great, and I see no reason why we can't try and beat a few players to hopefully create some space to play the passes into. The Fairly Narrow is there because our IF's are cutting inside so I know I'm purposely sacrificing width. I also thought if I got the team narrow, it would put the players closer to each other, encouraging the shorter passing. In Transition, I didn't really understand many settings, but thought Roll it Out would encourage us to keep possession. Does anyone have advice, or comments on my logic? Is it fundamentally flawed? What have I misunderstood?
  9. Hi I'm playing FM19, and I started unemployed. I've got a job in the French National league with a team predicted to finish 1st! So, no pressure. I'm always awful of making tactics. I always think I'm being logical but manage to make teams like Man United, Barcelona, etc play terribly. I absolutely suck at the game with no reason why at all. So, I thought I'd imagine I was a total novice (which I clearly am, but I have some knowledge which must be even more dangerous!), and take the game at face value. So, in the tactic creator, I have a choice of Gengenpress, Route One, Fluid Counter, Direct Counter, Retain Possession etc. I set up 3 tactics for various game scenarios, so one was Gengenpress for starting a game fast, Retain Possession for controlling a winning situation, and Fluid Counter Attack for soaking up pressure from a bigger team, or drawing a little team to attack me. I changed nothing else at all. Literally just followed the game prompts and choose the Style and Formation. I selected players so all positions were green circles. Again, just following game prompts, and visual cues to what I need to do. However so far, my friendly results have been awful. I've played using Fluid Counter as my default for 5 games. It started ok, with a 2-2 against Swiss champions Basel (which seemed an incredible result!) but then I lost 2-0 three times to teams in a division below me, and 2-1 to a team in the same division. Often, I'll get in game prompts like "we're losing possession quite a lot but recovering it well" and I'm not sure what to actually do! Or "we're shooting from distance a lot" which makes me think we should be more patient but not sure what changes to make. It seems like just using in built prompts don't work that well. Has anyone had success going back to that level of basics?
  10. It's not in the contract, but the playing position is, so they've breached the contract, right?
  11. On point 3, surely not following the terms of the loan deal is grounds for termination?
  12. This is FM19 though, do people still think they are bugs? Or just me misunderstanding something?
  13. 1. I keep getting a news article saying "we have room for another coach" or "my u23s could do with another sports scientist". When I offer the suggested people contracts, I always get the transfer cancelled as we've hit staffing limits. So, why is it suggested I sign them then? 2. As Man United, I tried to sign some Argentine player but he got declined a work permit. I looked to see if I could have an affiliate club but got rejected due to my position in the league. I'm currently 4th in my first season. That seems an odd reason. Surely its just a financial decision? 3. I loaned a player out with a clause to play him in a MC position. I got a news article to say he was being played in a AMC position and I should talk to the manager. I did and he basically said he doesn't care. There wasn't an option to recall him. Surely, if the terms of the deal aren't being met, I can cancel the deal? 4. I'm on a 13 game winning streak. Playing really well. I get an inbox item to say "if you switch to cautious, it'll help to get a better result in the next game". Why do they think that when I'm clearly doing OK my way? 5. I normally play a midfield two of Pogba and Ndidi. One is a DLP and one is a BBM. I sometimes get advice to drop Ndidi in favour of Pogba. That doesn't even make sense. 6. There doesn't appear to be anyone in the database with good Leadership skills. I signed Tiernay who had 18 and the day after I signed him, I had a suggestion to make him captain! If I go into player search, and filter by Leadership at 20, there's no one. At 19, it's only a few 35 year olds. There's no players aged under 25 with a Leadership rating of 12+. Is that a bit odd? Or does it not show up for some reason? 7. I got a new batch of youngsters come in and Nicky Butt told me he'd brought through a player in his mould. He was a goalkeeper? That seemed odd. 8. Is it just me or does the game stop too frequently? If I don't have a game for a week, and it's outside the transfer window, I don't need to stop every day. Just stop for big things like injuries but otherwise, just jump straight to the next match day. Can I enable that setting somewhere?
  14. One thing that often confuses me - is it OK to ignore the game's recommendation of a player's best role and position? For example, Pogba isn't rated highly as a VOL, but your write-up suggests he could be good there. Why doesn't the game think he'd be good there?
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